girl_jane I'm still awake. I haven't slept yet. I know that if I laid down, I probably would fall asleep. But I really don't want to. I've gotten used to sleeping next to somebody, and I haven't, and I won't for at least another week.

We never do much. Most of the time we sit in the apartment and sit close to each other-always close. Sometimes we talk; sometimes we don't. Sometimes we'll just look at each other, and he'll look away.

A lot of times we'll just lie next to each other-clothed or not-with arms and legs all twisted together.

Anyway-the point is-it's almost 6am, and what I want right now-what I really really want-is to see him-kiss him for a large amount of time-and then fall asleep in his bed with him next to me.
TimoleoneVieta it's not 6 in the morning anymore, but this keyboard is just too delicious to not type right now. I think that sometimes I might want to stop and wiggle with it. Stop and wiggle with it. It's the dioxine that makes it so fucked up did you know that? It also has the affects of cancer. I never really knew trhe difference between affects and effects. I just always assumed there was one, and that it was important. I was going to say something, and it was going to be about how I had that conversation last night, and something needs to change. Although I can't imagine that this myself sitting here right now could be capable of being anything or anyone than who I'm used to. stop fighting the battle he says. And the fact of the matter is that the battle is sitting across the table from me right now. 040322
Casey day after christmas. I throw some clothes on in the dark... 040503
monee how did three_words know? 041208
unhinged god

that was hot
In_Bloom So much can be made or undone near this time
Two can lie entwined
Two can hold to the opposite edges of the bed
Linens packed between to prevent any intimacy
An imitation of love, if even that
But when love is made
6am is a beautiful hour of changing smells, texture and breathing
You can believe in light again
You can believe in something
past waking up, foggily seeing you frozen on my computer screen, from when the batter died last night at the end of our 'date.' 090917
hsg Ias & the night is still & beautiful.

Good_night, Night, eyes all see you after today.
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