mon until you hear me 030829
lovely attraction i'll be silent for once
and they will wonder
and they will push the conversation
and i will snap
and then i shall own my cape of guilt.
... Oooh eeee you are smarter 040721
. The Psychology of Torture 040721
newme sometimes we don't hear
because we're not listening
but then if we do
we think it is a noise
a music born from silence
like screams or whispers
the sound was always there
we just weren't listening
puredream i'll be silent in my memory
silent in my walk
silent in my moon swept tears
and silent in my talk
Deomis I'll be silent
if you will just let me stay here
For a few more minutes
Close to you

I won't say a word
I won't bother you
Just let me stand here
Close to you
love & hate i will be silent until you tell me to return to your arms and your love... until then, i will be silent for you. 040723
unhinged i need to learn this one. desparately. but i guess have been on certain important and ill-timed occasions. always bitching when i shouldn't be backing myself into corners and standing silent when i should be showing you how it is from my side.

such things have been deemed useless in the most important situations though. you can read whatever comprehension you wish into me. you will think what you want no matter how hard i get you to like me. and i have known this fact and set myself up for failure to enforce my so well-loved inferiority complex. so i_will_remember but be silent. hope you are well today babe. this silence is healing me.
pete i thought that i would be silent
because there was no one
to speak to
no one to listen,

and then you spoke in the silence
drew me over to you
and told me your mind
and your soul

and then i broke my silence
opening myself to you
in a way i haven't done
before, or if at all
in such a long time

'i'll be silent'
what a pledge!
but, atleast i can say
that my silence
brought me into yours...
shower singer let everyone else talk themselves out
let them purge every thought
pour out all conversation
use all their energy on
the great noisy battle
reveal all secrets

and I will catch
unhinged and fall to pieces
all alone
lost in the bottle


ergo (was sameolme) As you fall apart, stay with your breath and your heart. I'm of little help, but I am pulling for you. 090119
unhinged my old, familiar
what's it to you?
who go