jennifer I don't understand my head now

so clouded
and fuzzy

and everything is
going numb
coldtea put the bong down (?) 000108
birdmad i am in hell 000326
PLEASE! Someone please help me! I'm ready to get into my Jeep and tear down the fucking icy roads, driving 90!
Rhin oh my god 010104
tourist Don't Do It Unless You Know of
a Good Parking lot at the end of the Road that will allow You to Slam on The breaks letting you spin Madly for about Half a Mile. If so Go For It!
Quiggz Help ME! I'm about to crank the volume on my amp all the way up, and make everyone in a 51784265873271.58128561 mile radius deaf! 010105
imposter I have never felt so alone in my life. . .

Please someone. . . I don't know where to go, or what to do.

I hate being out here alone in the wilderness.

cries, teardrops staining sand
TK your not alone, I'm here 030915
imposter Thank you. I am glad to know that I have someone.

I don't understand why I feel so alone, though.

Maybe its because every time I told her I would kiss her tears away, I really wanted her to do that for me as much as I wanted to do it for her.
EECP I am here too.

I know what it feels like to have nowhere to go and to feel alone.

I am happy to be here for you.
imposter Thank you all. I just need a hug. No, scratch that, I need to hold someone because I am having trouble lately holding onto myself.

I can't hold the one I need to touch.

What makes us all so weak that we need people? I am not complaining -- far from, I think its beautiful that we need each other. Just. . . why does it hurt so much to be alone?

Rhetorical questions all, but that doesn't mean I can't look for answers as I wipe my tearstains off the deck.

This hurts, but I am letting go of the pain. And that hurts -- emotional masochist.

I am longing, as they say, because desire is full of endless distances.
MeKoy something i hear so often. often cameing from me. ihaev nothing else to do so how can i help you? 031226
curious this is a pain filled world, this blather, overcoming its beauty and mirth. or is it that i'm focusing on such blackness tonight?


MeKoy If tonight you are focusing on blackness then every night i do. this is a pain felled world and blather does have an overcomeing beauty. 031227
nomme) i am damsel
i am distress
i villain
i train
i tracks
i am hero
. please help me
somebody please help me
i'm begging you
emily please? 100916
Doar Emily,

I am here, to help.

what's it to you?
who go