ferret i looked into a mirror last night. the person staring back at me smiled. he looked so happy, so sincere. he looked like he was enjoying his life. i smiled back and said "hello ferret" 030721
ferret i feel so lightheaded. it came upon me so suddenly but now it's lifting. for a moment there, i was afraid that you and i would be the only ones left on the earth. and if you were cut off from me. i can't even imagine... 030721
ferret and i wish i wasn't you and you weren't me. and we coul switch lives. just for a day. and i could be you. and you could live the horrors of me. and i would exist as you and people would see me as i want you to be and all would be well. the fact is, i'm not you. but i am a part of you. and you, a part of me. so sit there with that idiotic grin on your face as you stare back at me. and know that i am weaker than you. so help me, if you're so much better than me. help me if you are all the good and none the bad. so help me to become like you and through doing so kill_the_me_in_me. it's ok, i want it. i could start over, hit the reset button, and it's all over. but no. you have to sit there, a milestone in my mind. as i create more of you. but that's ok, the more of you there is the less of me there is. and that's ok. i want it that way. oh God help me if i never break this. oh God help me anyway. i need you right now. not me, but you. goodnight world. 030722
ferret hello to you to 030802
ferret why, when i talk to God, am i always near a mirror? 030806
Dafremen Because our God these days is an omniscient, omnipotent being that knows our every thought and who knows what is in our hearts. Our God these days is our own mind, my furry friend.

You see God when you look in the mirror.

We're so twisted and predictable.

Tell me the show isn't real and I'll buy another ticket.
Dafremen By the way, try ask_daf next time. This one's a freebie cuz I'm drunk and in an encroaching sorta mo0d. 030806
Death of a Rose ola to the ferret!

this blathe came up on the blather home page and I couldn't (even without all my might) resist.
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