akenbosche oh how I love shooting people in the face
domination is
what I like

the enter key
is what I like

hey Jeff, think we can get on later?
$16000 max
good/bad day on the servers
LAN parties, no coincidence
no consequences, respawn = good
watch everyone else, lan party it up
kill the awpers
no one likes awpers
awpers have no friends
no one cares what it means and no one has to. it's fun and no one cares what you have to say about it. that is bliss and well we like it
Alden God damn all the campy awper bitches. My brother is the world's biggest CS addict, it's actually a little sad. Maybe you've seen him...Bad Karma? 030218
Nathan88 i play it and at first all the peeps in my aparment were like wtf, why u playin they all ask me if they can use my computer so they can play...careful, it is addictive 030218
megan haha
holden is good at it.
i'm so proud of him when his kills are double his deaths. :-)
dB it is addictive. just like bad grammer seems to be contagious.
what the fuck is an awper anyway?
Alden An AWPer is a Campy little bitch who stands in the corner with the Artic Warrior Predator, waiting for someone to walk into his crosshairs. AWPer is a term let over from before it came to be called the Artic Warrior Magnum. 030219
Piso Mojado josh plays it every weeknight, after dinner and before bed. every single night its the same. he also has a can of coke right before he goes to sleep. personally, i would get bored after a while 030219
Annie111 oh shit, HkF baby, be afraid, don't mess with the Fresh, glock headshot, fire in the hole, ELITES,

me: how tall are you?
nate: y59
nate: oh shit
nate: i pressed y
nate: too much CS

Boys boys boys
Nathan88 i do the y thing all the time...


clanless by choice
akenbosche if you yell at an awper all they do is call you a noob
how much does that suck
Nathan88 n00b cannon awPussy 030221
akenbosche so how about those knife kills 030228
Nathan88 HUMILIATION 030301
akenbosche damn right 030306
Nathan88 favorite maps?

perhaps fy_iceworld or cs_1337_assault2k w/ no awps allowed just scouts for peoplse with real skillz
monolith nooooooo not here !!!!! 030318
Annie111 aztec & dust for life

iceworld sucks
akenbosche maybe you just suck at iceworld, h4xx0r 030531
Annie111 maybe you are a gay AWPer with no skillz, biatch. Yeah, I said it. 030531
Mesdup Honor is Lost
Productivity Rules the Day
Fun is the Victim

Is it a requirement of CAL to be a pompous ass?

Clanless by Choice as well
Dafremen Quake2 is a living game. Half-Life is a dying game. Most of those who left Q2 for CS...have started coming back. Funny, we got to leave all of the little trash-talkers, and the dipsh*ts who play to boost their egos, over there in the CS camp. Nice.

see also: quake2
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