unhinged i don't even know how to describe them. they pass the stoner test though. get them get them get them. 021123
frAnk they were going to name themselves,
"paris in flames," but that was a thursday song. and curiously enough they sound somewhat like thursday.
braindead cow are seriously cool. 030103
silentbob coming to iowa_city 030116
unhinged you should go see them bobby. i heard they are amazing live. then i can hate you for seeing get_up_kids and them in concert before me.

silentbob it will have been in the same room 030116
sweetheart of the song tra bong should i see them? they're coming to baltimore soon 030122
silentbob do it
but listen to them first so you know what to expect
ClairE They are from my hometown.


*me and my star*

I can't believe this page is a year old and so many people I know know them. Although I hear they did do a big Midwest tour. And everyone on makeoutclub knows them.

silentbob I saw them last night
that guy is fucking huge and has such a high voice, its amazing. he had big fucking hair. it was crazy. and like yeah they were good but onelinedrawing stole the show
een stomme kind hell yeah. i just got iksse:3 and yeah. its fucking awesome. i totally love blood red summer and faint of hearts. these guys are the best. 031024
PUNK(joe)ROCKER rush influenced band
out of NY

have third album
( inkeepingsecretsofsilentearth:3 )
still need to get the second

haven't released forth or
first yet. (you figure it out)

comic book
(sorry, graphic novel)
to be released in
cocoon are coming here
im so excited
but its during my exams
how do i combine the two?
how do i explain it to the parents?
unhinged i recently hooked one of my friends on them and he had me reading something on the internet the singer said that went something like this now that they are all over mtv and whatnot 'i don't know why everyone keeps calling us emo. i don't think we are emo.' that made me smile. widely. i think that people say that just because his voice is insanely high pitched just like most emo singers. they are definitely too epic rock to be emo though. 060219
Photophobe I've got my tix :) Sydney show at the round house! 060220
grendel looks more like a beast every day A pretty good band

my hair is almost as big and nearly as curly as the lead singer's

my beard's a lot scruffier though
unhinged youngstown has been coming back to me lately

'you look down
but far from out
and the paper reads 'you lose''
unhinged from blatherers_got_me_to_listen_to to:

putting the_second_stage_turbine_blade back in my itunes and turning my comp up as loud as it goes cause my neighbors are being noisy assholes tonight
what's it to you?
who go