misstree just a quick tidbit, if you have a cat, please, please, PLEASE do *not* put a bell on their collar... it ruins their hearing something terrible. if you've ever worn jingles (like christmas bells or belly dancing jingles or chains or zippers or anything) you know that it gets to you after a while. well, imagine you're a cat, and you've got these great radar dishes for ears and stealth is your middle name (actually it's grimbletiger, but you don't tell people that), but for some reason everywhere you go this *noise* just follows you, makes it so you can't sneak and you can't hear anything and it distracts you every time you take a step...

i'm serious. it destroys kitty hearing and it's not cute. so unless you have a dead bird collection, please don't bell your cat.
Lemon_Soda Also, don't put bark shock collars on dogs. How would you like it if every time you tried to talk you got a couple'ah voltz to the jugular?

Fun on little brothers, cruel on dogs.

Go fish.
misstree could make for a fun evening... especially when one has a tendency to be, ah, a little loud, at times... yeah... 030908
magister quaaludi i rarely put my balls_on_cats, they are delicate and _they_ are scratchy 030909
nom i thought about it

she kept running off i thought a bell would help me locate
but i didn't bell her no collar either

it wouldn't have helped cause the bell would've given her location
would have screamed i'm a pretty fluffy kitty come eat me coyote

i never put a bell on her

she disappeared one night that night
i was cooking when i realized i hadn't seen her for a few hours

she must have gotten out the door when no_one was looking

and the sound of those coyotes in the dark me crying here kitty kitty kitty

and never finding her

and i still hope and wonder that maybe somebody someone else a kid maybe or a lonely elderly person maybe they found her and took her in fed her renamed her bought her christmas cans of salmon or tuna

but i remember the sound of the coyotes

and how friedly she was to other animals

and the caw of the ravens in the field gathered feasting on a scrap of something fresh
the raven flying overhead and what i saw was that a piece of her flesh in its beak
misstree my heart swells sadly, nomme. 040401
x my dad was of the opinion that it was wrong because it denied them the right to hunt.
he was a rare one, my dad. i miss him.
sameolme They still enjoy the hunt, they just carry a bit of a handicap, which many a songbird owes their life to. 040401
u24 LS: there are such things are bark shock collars? 080618
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