cpgurrl wuddaya guys think? 040905
sab we tried,
and failed through apathy.

look up blather_book_project
sab blather_journey_book_participants_list

not to stomp on your idea or anything.

i would have loved to see it.

maybe get it online.

everyone creates a page and emails it to someone who has vouleteered to get a site up and running.

something that doesnt rely on one physical object.

as i recall, it was lost several times and i was number 20 on the list and it never even got to me.

and there were a bunch of other people waiting.

blather is all electronic wizardery
the blather book should be too

s two cents
cpg isnt giving up yet or we could pick out parts from different blathes that various skites liked. 040905
sab dont give up babe

i'd love to see something happen
pete i dont think the blather experiment should be cross-media at all.. *is a stick in the mud* 040905
sab you cannot say that withoyut backing it up with why

blather is about the words
and the words are art
and art can be anything at all

and art is ideas
and ideas are insubstantial
so if you want to be that stuck in the mud
blather whould exsist at all

your arguement is illogical
even though
you havent argued anything at all
which i have already taken you to task for.

[reads what she just wrote]
christ what a day
pete *grins* it is more a gut feeling.. to make a book would be to make something unchanging, some which cannot be added on to by anyone.. if you pick only the sections that skites like, then it will become a popularity contest and many of the posts which mark the very essense of what it is to be blather, the stupid drunk posts, the masses of angst, the kx21 style, the over looked poetry, the ramblings, and all the comments there to, the silent applauds of '.', ect will be lost. it will not be blather, because blather is more than just words. it is what lays beneath the words and is the interactive combination of words, which no book can accurately portray. at the moment i quite feel like i am rambling, should be in bed, but this left over applecrisp saturated in vanilla ice cream needs attending too... blather book... contradiction in terms.. oxymoron... bad idea.. pick the phrase you like the best 040905
minnesota_chris we could mail each other our underwear, and dog poop. I think I've made that suggestion before, however. 040906
cpg isnt giving up yet yeah, but those r the best parts, so would b included, right? +, the blather would be caught in time...we could make volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, ect.

who's w/ me---please sign up on blather_book_commitee
cpg isnt giving up yet i mean, blather_book_committee 040906
Doar one more blather_project down the drain. 050729
Lemon_Soda Why don't you just download the whole of the text of blather and make a CD rom of it, like all of those encyclopedias? Then you can come out with expansion packs that add new posts and words. 050729
anne-girl expansion pack? gah!
it'd be cute to make a blather-interface (kinda like u24's blight, cept more like bheavy)
that added pretty graphics to make blather look like a book

read through a blathe page by page, or something... hmm
j YEA 070626
Lemon_Soda Wait, I've figure this one out...

Make bookmarks from the graphics and text on the blather homepage and hand THOSE out. That way we can share blather for what it is without having to publish anything, change anything, select anything, etcetcetc. Its the ultimate book because then anyone can get published ONLINE ON THE REAL BLATHER!

loves to simplify.
what's it to you?
who go