splinken Sleeping with other girls' boyfriends is the new casual sex. 030608
a sweet girl well, i wouldn't call it new, but it'll definately occupy your time.

but, don't think he'll care about you.

he's supposed to care about her, and he doesn't. even if he leaves her, you'll be next...

but on the flip side - high school love knows not commitment. and anyone dumb enough to believe THAT love lasts forever almost needs a dose of reality.

so, whore it up, splinken. just don't be the one who get's the short end of the stick, that's all.
endless desire in my (innocence)
i will believe that love does last forever
that the good guys always win
that seperated parents always get back together
that my grandma will get better
and that i will never die.
but mostly that (some) love lasts forever.

i am not sure who has the right to shatter that dream
for me
or anyone else.
or who has the right to say that this "trend" is appropriate
since it is dealing with people's
hearts and lives.
but then, who am i to say that it isn't?
or that one shouldn't follow
a_sweet_girl and her advice.
i am probably younger.
i most likely have less experience in life.
so who am i to say anything?
who am i to be writing on this page?
i don't know.
if anyone ever gets too pissed, i can just change my name and start again.
that's the interesting thing about blather.
we can all just change our names.
one person could make a whole page and just blathe on it. . .by themselves, but appear to have a whole bunch of people commenting. . .by just changing the names.
just like a person could make a million inside jokes and laugh at them or write them places,
when in reality, all those inside jokes are trully inside. with themselves.
but i guess that'd just be a lonely way to live.
i've always thought about it.
what if everyone is just laughing at their own jokes?
the hippo attended my drive-in church.
and you see, no one knows if i made that up
or if that is my favourite joke
with all of my best friends.
that's the thing.
no one knows.
i just took up enough room in everyone's life.
breathing is overrated.
splinken I didn't say that I do this. I don't even think I implied that I did.

But I didn't say that I don't.

Or that I wouldn't.

Or that I haven't.
splinken OH I get it.

See, I realize that it looks like I meant "sleeping with other girls' boyfriends is the new kind of casual sex people have" -- but I meant it in more of a "brown is the new black" kind of way.
a sweet girl Oh :P silly me. Like orange is the new pink... I get it .

smite Trends are just traps set by preps to make others feel like shit about themselves. 051107
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