kx21 TOE Q7: Chicken and Egg

Which comes first?

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Answer From The Truth:-


Ahhhh.... Finally I get to answer this wonderful question! What came first, the chicken or the (chicken) egg?

The Chicken came first, obviously. The egg could not have come first, what could have laid it? Eggs are laid by chickens.

Now... If the first chicken evolved from a non chicken, some large, tasty, flightless predecessor, let's call it a fricken. That first Chicken did not come from a chicken egg,

IT CAME FROM A MUTATED FRICKEN EGG! Then, that chicken, if possible for it to be impregnated by another male fricken, (which is doubtful), laid the first egg. The first egg came after the first could not have been the other way around.

kx21 Is that the final answer? 010719
kx21 What happens if the Chicken (i.e. Hen) stoped producing the Egg? 010719
The Truth Objection, your honor, irrelevant.

((Then there would be no chicken, or denny's.))
kx21 Chicken managed to find something better to substitute Egg... 010719
kx21 Chicken can't survive without its Egg and

Chicken's Egg can't live without the Chicken.

Is there such a possibility that

Man can't be evolved without the presence of Chicken or its Egg...
kx21 We_are_the_Universe... 010719
kx21 We are in
specifically, the_string_between_Man_and_Chicken,etc...
kx21 as to

Which comes first:-

Matter or Antimatter?

Energy or Mass?

Which comes first?

Obviously, if we have a chicken, it must have come from an egg.
The VERY FIRST CHICKEN must have come from an egg, because ALL chickens come from eggs.
Since it was the VERY FIRST CHICKEN, there were no checkens around before it to lay the egg.

So the egg came first.

BUT what if the EGG found a substitute for CHICKEN?

What if all the EGGs turned out to be lesbians?

Would EGGs die out?

Or would we have more EGGs adopting arificial chickens?
kx21 Hint:-

Given Chicken is as to Star & Egg is as to Shit...

What is your answer?
Photophobe There is no STAR without some SHIT.

So no chicken - no egg!


Union of all STARs and SHITs are located in HOLEs.

So there must be some entity such that it contains the union all of chickens and all eggs?

Chicken : STAR
Egg : SHIT
? : HOLE

? = union of FARM + FRIDGE + EGGCUP


So all chickens and eggs are in fudgecups.
kx21 If chicken is as to Violence...
Then Egg is as to ???
dosquatch First Chicken precludes the possibility that Chicken's parents were chickens, but instead something almost a chicken. I will accept your naming of Fricken.

Unless Chicken was spontaneously created, whole and full grown from nothing, it hatched from Egg. Egg was laid by Fricken.

Question: is Egg defined by parent or offspring?

Egg and Sperm are both of Fricken, but once fertilized, Egg is genetically identifiable as its own unique being. This genetic blueprint is Chicken. Egg is Chicken.

Chicken is of Egg, as Egg is of Chicken. Paternity is not relevent, genetic identity is.

Therefore, Chicken and Egg came as One.
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Parallel Universes, given

Each comsic Species is an Universe...

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dosquatch The problem is, "the chicken or the egg" is a trick question. You throw that "or" in there, and you think of the egg as seperate and distinct from the chicken.

Which came first, you as an infant, or you as an adult?

Chronologically, infancy comes first. But does that mean that the infant is seperate and distinct from the adult? Are you not the same entity as you were as an infant? Older, yes, more learned, more self-sufficient, but still the same entity.

So, kx, which came first, Question or Enlightenment?
kx21 Dear dosquatch,

Thank for the Q_As, specifically your Wonderful String in the QQ Space:-

which came first, Question or Enlightenment?

An AQ M_String in the

* Parallel_Universes *

just to spice, stretch & Spin one's Mind, Heart & Soul:-


* Free_coffin_pictures_operation...

If Enlightenment= Freedom of Information Act,


Pentagon Media Coverage Policy= Question...

Is that enough to satisfy your curiosity?
thieums There is a Chinese legend that says :

"Somewhere on a mountain, there was a rock that had a shape of an egg. One day the rock-egg hatched, and gave birth to a rock monkey."

(then the legend talks about the monkey becoming a king, and stuff like that, and Akira Toriyama used a bit of the stuff to create his Dragon Balls)

So I say... If monkeys can do it... Why not chicken ?
kx21 Dear thieums,

M_Thank for your Profound Q_As...


* Scary_Parallels

Given 123:-

1) Scary_parallels in the Space of Parallel_Universes;

2) The_limit_of_Possibilities:-

If monkeys can do it...; and

3) The_Limit_of_realities:-

Why not chicken ?

Let monkeys = George W. Bush / U.S.

chicken = Saddam Hussein / Iraq; and

" it " = extrajudicial_killings via Conventional Weapons or WMD (e.g. MOAB)...

AQ Scent:

if Bush / U.S. can do " it "...

QQ Spice:

Why not Saddam / Iraq...

Is that the final_answer?

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