dB Look out! It's a thingie! A horrid horrid thingie!

This is my random thursday thought. 12 hours in the the office will do that to ya. I haven't slept in a few days, and now the ol' brain matter is working on autopilot.
I was kinda shoked to hear that The Truth was leaving. Of all the people suited to this place I thought he'd be here for years, like Daffy and Kx21. Well, someone will stumble in to take his place, even if it's him under a new name. That is the nature of this place.
You know, I look out of this window every day, and I see these people. Moving. meandering around. Almost without purpose it seems. Are we all the same? Am I like them? Surely I look up when I walk, not at the ground like everyone else?
When you spend your life looking at your feet, you eventually forget to look up, and you miss seing the crazy shit all around you. Look at these cities we build, quite an accomplishment for a fairly unremarkable bi-ped species. We can go anywhere in the world, though the air, over the sea, even under the sea.
Humans have done a fair bit over the last million years. And for all that we've gained, I wonder if, somewhere, we left something behind. A sense of ourselves maybe.
I don't know how we managed to get into this system that we have, or if there is any way to change it now. But I have a feeling it's not right for us. I don't think the universe intended us to live like this. Squinting at one day to the next, never really looking up to see where we are going, never lifting our gaze from our feet to see the horison, stretching out before us, beckoning us to see beyond it, to the next one.
Maybe I'm just being a depressing fool again.
Like an ass in the desert, I move on to my work.
Dafremen I miss you Taurito. You and T.J. too.
I like people that sit and smile, occasionally piping in half-off key, but generally on target.
celestias shadow this is my all-purpose word. I refer to absolutely everything as 'thingies.' it really doesn't matter at all what I'm actually talking about. 040102
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