jennifer almost a year ago,
had a crush on me
and as I was outside
smoking my third cigarrette of the day
I remembered that
had a crush on
silentbob almost 4 months ago i decided i should probbly fall in love with someone again. i didnt know who though. i just wanted to. it happened to be this girl i met like 2 years ago. she loves me too, i realized that recently, it HIT me! and its forever changed my little pathetic life 000613
distorted tendencies I'm in love. Again. 020312
blown cherry taht if I ever get out of this, I may not be in love again for a long time.

Fuck. Oblivion here I come.
silentbob this has all happened before.
i cannot escape drama. it finds me wherever i go
lycanthrope i can't believe it. I still can't.
I'm waiting for it to fall through.
I feel like i just skated to the middle of a pond with those creepy thin ice warnings and did a backflip.
I felt the depths below as i turned in the air, i saw them black when i had imagined them as blue, i saw no life, i saw only the thinnest skin between me and all of that sudden shocking feeling. But the ice didn't give. Just barely it didn't give. And so my flips are gonna get heavier.
unhinged i finally believe what i've always thought of you 020313
bethany that most things are my problem and not something wrong with some one else 020722
Daria That I am a misfit, was a misfit, and most likley will always be a misfit. 020722
squint my life is empty.

i mean that with as much pressure as I could possibly put on it...
squint began at the right time
I'm thinking first
it came to the back of my neck
and the absent look
i give to my hands
as they rub eachother
to look busy
and she asks whats wrong
I have to make a funny face
and say
i dont know, nothing
because I wasn't sure enough
to cry.

and then i laugh

because thats what i do when I'm upset.
and nobody catches on to me
nobody catches on to what I really mean.
knot meat perhaps it's best that way. 020730
white_light i have 2 hours till i wake up.

i 4 hours of blathering up my sleeve.. hehehe...

i have a million and one ways to make you paranoid.

i have an infnite amount of words to justify the ways i don't feel about you.
what's it to you?
who go