Joana. Heed the calls of the silent moon
Tell her it's alright
Tell her she's pale and more beautiful than anyone
Tell her she shines to the world
And attracts you like the darkness of those waves
She stands there segregated from the past
She has no future
She is lost
She stands alone in a cold universe
She has no fear of the endlessness where she habits
Tell her it will be fine
That you will protect her
She is the moon
And you must heed her calls
You must heed her silent pleas
Sway around the night with her
Trapped in her whispered words
Of sorrowful tears
And shameful memories
Sway with her until the sun returns
And corrupts stillness with its blinding light
Tell her it's alright
Tell her she's pale and more beautiful than anyone.
fortwoitis its all been said ten thousand times 000905
unhinged the smoking hanging
in the still cold air
these are the days i've
been waiting for
sitting in her car
looking out the window
at all the stars
nodding to her heterosexuality
like the bum
who finds a nickel on the street
yep model citizen and leo are playing tonight
but i have no one to go with
and i looked in the mirror
at the dark purple rings under my eyes
standing out against my pale skin
and i could only think
just beautiful
Grievance That made me chuckle with glee unhinged.


follow this down
through the waning nouns
wan in their fingertips
they spread disorder in trailing archs
and disarray
the lighted day.
silentbob i want to feed her grapes in a swamp 011203
nemo i cant stop thinking 011209
Kyuti If you stopped thinking, wouldn't you be dead?
Thinking is beautiful
distorted tendencies taking my breath away
you make me melt
you make me want to beg for forgiveness

What did I do!?

To be treated this way..
living dead girl I am winter within a tortured soul
I am the tear that flows into the sea
I am the swaying oak tree that screams pain
I am the drowning moon who is engulfed within stary waters
I am the lost child in a field of daisies
I am the pale, beautiful misfortune of the mother earth... I am human
ClairE racism 020109
. Paranoia 020109
j_blue whatever 020207
unhinged today the winter sun
were washed

what's it to you?
who go