ClairE Indians.


maple syrup, almost. but no, like cold turkey.

ha, ha, "cold_turkey"
farmfish massholes: snooty antique buyers that come to concord. 011128
kerry there's a Get Up Kids song about Massachussetts. I've never been there. i don't really care to, but the song is beautiful. 011220
pleasedrivefaster smog and birthplaces and late-night movies. december shows that end early in our minds and lead us to chain restaurants and gas station bathrooms. stretches of highway with far too many mixed memories erased in an instant. just burned cds and insects running over wooden floors. grocery bags that grow too heavy by the time i reach the park. a city that's no longer my refuge but the place i escape from by train and by bus. department stores and the hill i fell all the way down after crashing my best friend's scooter. a town we fled after an all too frightening halloween. the airport where i left for venice and greeted my boy. subway rides and t tokens and stolen bracelets. charcoal and dirty sheets and gatorade on moving day. an apartment and life i plan to move out of. 011221
girl_jane I thought about applying to Emerson. But I decided against it. I'm not a city girl...Boston is a city... 020913
erica i lived in the woods of western mass, but i always made it tot he city to escape the rednecks. I loved amherst and northampton, rain or shine every weekend noho was mine all mine. i loved it. the smell of hippies in the air. the sound of music filled my ears everyone was so happy everyone was so free down on market street. my hemp necklace around my neck tight i miss the smell of that place. all the dread heads and drum bangers guitar strummers and dunkin donuts. 030213
thefuddyduddy Comma, Becket. You wouldn't have heard of it. In the Berkshires, hidden beneath lush green trees, and white beech bark. It's elegant, it's so simple, rustic. Blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, plentiful. A crisp chill rolls in during the evening, but gets lifted away by the sun penetrating through the sheilding leaves during the day.

It's serene. It's home. It's the most beautiful place in the world.
mass whole I find pockets of massachusetts from time to time in SF. Boston area. Western Mass.

the only thing I don't miss is the snow
oren In Massachusetts, It_is illegal to go_to bed without first having a full bath. 060315
Ouroboros I miss the crisp air of fall, air so clean it hurts in winter. Smell of snow. Trees in hibernation. Old land. I miss the flow of seasons of the East Coast. 110630
unhinged even the word seems tainted now

(978) area code makes me sick
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