deb better in hot chocolate than with peanut butter on bread

then again, whipped cream and hot chocolate easily surpass those little
white chunks.... or try whipped cream in coffee instead of milk... mmmmmm... tastes like cappuccino without the effort
valis at an audition for a character role at a haunted house i used to work at, i was required to do a 'floor test'. they asked me to walk around, then told me i was walking on hot coals (ouch! ow!), then mud (slow, draggy steps), then marshmallows.

i jumped up and down in slow motion, and when i finally fell on my ass, i started toasting bits of the floor with my lighter.

never go to auditions stoned.
nameless It's funny how I pressed "go" after I was blatherring on the word "desire" and it took me to the word "marshmallows". Indeed marshmallows are what I desire at the moment 000417
Lori-the-Zombie Yes! Marshmallows rock...
I can't understand those sacreligious bastards who toast marshmellows...Taking that delicious soft fluffyness and *mutating* it so it's burnt on the outside and horrible and gooey in the inside...
Stupid bastards.
moonshine marshmallow moons 000924
jimPain marshmallows in coffee...mmmmm 000924
tourist Flaming on a stick
Burning Black
Like some Fast Falling Cinder
In the Hot Summer Night of Youth
Running Bare Foot on Dew Moistened Lawns
Until the Doomed Sugar
Flickers and Finally Falls
Better to Watch than to Eat
Later you'll scape it off of your feet
Casey marshmallows are somtimes only a "gateway" food...they can play a part in bigger and better smores and taffy apple salad
mmmmmmmm smores
kinkazoid i dont really like marshmallows unless it is on a smore but i always say the phrase "peace, love and bullit proff marshmallows" call me a dork if you will..but i took that saying from someshow i was watching and the band hanson said it 010608
angie i dont really like em that much
cant really say why...
i would rather eat something else
skittles maybe?
minnesota_chris The person who does the local radio cooking show apparently makes her own, from scratch! Why would someone do that, unless they just tasted awesome? With real Mexican vanilla, etc. 021227
evilchicken marshmallows are our friends, you can calculate the speed of light using marsmallows, and they have vegetarian ones too, i don't know why, but they do. the best way to roast marshmallows is to set them on fire right away, then ya get the crunch-and-squish effect 040317
clara they have vegetarian ones because there is animal fat in the gelatin that holds them together- or bone marrow, or something. MMM. bone marrow. delicious and nutritious. 040811
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