nore kurt is in my art class. i told him i like the glint on the edges of his pots. and denise told a guy, today, that she liked his balloon. 030212
nore kurt is also my uncle otti's friend, with the rough, scratchy voice. otti and kurt smoke together under the stars in the crisp, austrian night, outside my omi's three-story house. they laugh a lot,joke with us kids (they are goofballs)and i feel at home. 030220
nore when he sings, "my girl! my girl! where will -- you go? i'm goin' -- where the cold -- wind blows . . . in the paaaahns! the paaaahns! where the sun! don't shaaaaan! i'll shiverrrrrrr . . . the whooooole . . . naaaaaaht through," it's really, really great. really. 030220
celestias_shadow kurt cobain. *sigh* we loved you. even if you hated the machine of society, even if that machine took you as its son and devoured you alive, even if your own demons destroyed your brilliance, we still remember you as the fiery creation you were. quick life, violent death. that is the way of stars. 030220
joda We were jaded.

They are angsty.

Really, we need you to explain to us; What does it all mean?

After all, you started this war.

Then you just left us here to die...
miss you kurt cobain:
will always be missed
nomatter I think about it at times. How Kurt hated the mainstream and the popularity of all the retarded little kids. That is me. I contributed to it. I still do. What does it mean? 030915
silentbob i don't really miss him. 030916
harrison bergeron Kurt Vonnegut, social satirest. One of my favorite authors. 030916
Rael OneCloud There's this black dog. He is always parked in front of the O.P., a local bar.

One day I saw him wandering around lost & off his leash. He looked like his paw was hurt, so I wanted to get him back to his owner.
Now, I remembered he had a 'rock star' name, that his name was also the name of some musician I had liked, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was.
So I am following behind this dog going "Uhhh...c'mere..Ozzy? here boy, c'mere, Ringo...no? uhh...JimmyPage?"

Turns out the dog is named Kurt. being a big Nirvana fan, you'd think I'd remember that.

Kurt is also the name of that blue guy on X Men. all in all, a versatile name.

paranoid martyr oh yeah

nightcrawler's name is kurt

i'm in love with its cartoon. he's kinda hot and blue. the accent!
twerblederp He's a good man. 031129
mekeria Wow.

Are you even real?

'Cause this is amazing.
celestias shadow oh man. nightcrawler rocks my socks. he DOES have a really cute accent, I agree. He looks so innocent- when he isn't trying to assassinate people. 040117
strange i know, it may be silly, but i feel like you've changed me... even though i never knew you. i guess the music really moves me. if that makes sense. i really loved you, but i didn't know you. 040620
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