sabbie sweetheart, i have wanted to tell you this for years. you are beautiful, darling. beautiful and amazing and so, so strong and you've held together all these years through all this shit and i know you see yourself as lesser than those around you but your not. not by a long shot. you are one of the bravest and strongest and most amazing people i have ever known and at the same time my heart bleeds for you and the pain screaming from your eyes as you smile and say 'yeah, im ok' i want to be you and be jsut as beautiful and strong and amazing as you are.

sweetie, i love you. she will get over it and he needs walloping and you, you my darling girl, need as much love as the whole universe can give you.

if only i could give you all that you need. if only i could find you the thing you seek most. but until then, i hope canniloni and birthday wine and chats and love will see you through.

i am here for you. i have always been here for you. i will always be here for you. they will cope and you will flourish. you are worthy of all that we have to give you and so much more.

you are very beautiful both inside and outside and i admire you greatly.
MollyCule I wanted to tell you then, but I couldn't; my words would make you even more uncomfortable and the situation had already stretched beyond my control. I wanted to tell you then, don't look at me, I can't see you without wanting to kiss you again and again. 010831
distorted tendencies I want to tell you things. I want to speak with you. I want to share everything I possibly can. Yet I can't, because everytime I open my mouth you simply leave. I have all these emotions and feelings festering inside of me. I want you, but you've changed. You say you love me. You act as if you hate me. You want to fuck me. Then you simply turn right around and leave. You either want me to come sit by you or you tell me to leave. You want me to speak with you, but when I do, you tell me to shutup. I want to tell you how much you treat me like shit. I want to tell you how you /know/ that you treat me like shit. Everytime I try you tell me that you miss me. Well I will tell you this:
I am tired of you. I am sick of your pushing me around...
I will stay by your side because I know, I know..
That without me you'll be nothing. You'll be sad. You will feel worthless.I can give you something nobody else can. No matter how much you deny it, you know that it is true.
I love you John.
unhinged when i look at your face
i see all the childhood
that was torn from me
the past four years
because i can't get along with someone
talk to someone
doesn't make me childish
maybe wrong
or right
but not childish
part of me has this eternal love
for you
part of me can't watch you
destroy your life anymore
when i'm far away
i can breathe again
if you ever need a reality
to sink into
come to me
my arms and my heart and my ears
will always be open
ferret i want to tell you something.... but should i? 030623
kss you better roll down that window for a couple of seconds. 030623
what's it to you?
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