flowerock We have roots that grow and reach for love, light, energy, understanding. We cross paths here and there, exchange directions and parcels of understanding,say "here's my light that I have gathered..." and hold it out to share. We do this, endlessly reaching and sharing. heartmates come together and continue their reaching together as one system. They stretch across the span of time and space. 131102
flowerock I love you 3 and it glows, warm and soft. 140109
flowerock blather doesn't show the less than sign...? that 3 us a heart, Goa must have eaten the other half ; ) 140109
no reason i like this word 140109
flowerock feel free to apply it in your life as you like! I wonder if it exists elsewhere or if I really made it up? It's like soul mate, but better! 140109
. 140110
unhinged 'ever since the first day i met you i felt like we were from a familiar bloodline'

'you are too special to feel unimportant'

but he only ever wanted to be just_friends
he is why i walk_away from guys that say
'you are so awesome. lets be friends'
i already have enough of that in my life
platonic relationships can only make a girl feel so important
sionnach "perfectly able to hold my own hand, but I still can't kiss my own neck" 140110
unhinged required

love me for who i am
how i am
why i am

otherwise you were
flowerock I love you. moreveryad. I think you're right that being in love with someone makes them cuter to you, you are cuter everyad. I love to remember when we remet and you hugged me until we fell asleep. you asked if you could kiss me, you were so sweet and nice, polite. I thought you were just being nice to me because you were nice and knew I was sad, I think we both felt that way. I'm glad you had me stay at your little apartment when I left my place, and that I never left : ) I'm glad that I knew you used yarn and called you to see if you wanted it, and then gathered as much as I could to leave at your door step when ever I had time. I like our little "story". it's stressful now, getting settled or even a place to settle into. We are still in the midst of a great story though, and no story is really great with some downs between the ups. 140621
flowerock -without some downs between the ups 140621
Flowerock There is no one quite like you, who fits my heart and body so well, who my souloves with all its life. I want you and am honored to share this journey with you. You need not worry, nothing and no one could shine brighter than you in my heart's eyes. 141111
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