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jeudi I had been alone for almost 1000 days when I got off the plane and walked into his waiting arms. I was not sure who to expect, nervous, nearly beside myself with anticipation. The overwhelming sensation was that of being alive.

I didn't care about the nervousness, wanted only to get used to the way he looked and learn the way it would feel to be with him.

I know him from the inside out.

We have three nights, all of two days, parts of two more. Our visit is one of brevity. And I want to fill it, and live it, and experience it. I want submersion into the way it feels to be with him.

Later I find out how much fun he is to be with and have some moments of confusion. Deeper feelings invade and I am left with a sense of uncertainty.

Now that we are back to our lives I am even more confused. But going back for more. And feeling that because of brevity I might not ever get enough of him.
The Heretic BREVITY IS A VIRTUE. 051129
andru235 or a vice; it can go either way. 051129
andru235 ===================================

"When I struggle to be terse, I end by being obscure."

--Horace, Ars Poetica


"Half a brain is enough for him who says little."

--Italian Proverb

andru235 it would really seem to depend on what we are talking about, wouldn't it? especially in matters of taste; "better" is so relative a term.

i have always reflected more fondly upon lovemaking sessions that were obsessive and excessive than upon those that were notable brief.

brevity is not always the soul of wit; i know that, for myself, the (arguable)punchline of sartre's "no_exit" wouldn't be nearly as funny without the preceeding hour of dialogue.
Brevity is the soul of simpletons. 070902
up yours Listen, its best if you just give me the truth served on a plate, i mean this is the pits, why is it necesary for you to take steroids, are you not hot enough as it is?

i need a jet ski and fast, it's no good having a cramp in the water, i really really won't want to be catwomen in the water, that girl tied to steal my plankton shes a walking hormone, leave her alone, it gets boring when you've got a wave to catch.
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