me? Constituents becoming consummate independence inaugurate with parenthetical consistent correspondence.

Fib fid fie fig fin fir fit fix.
mika Senseless, yet here i am
amidst a plethora of inane people
looking up facts on some senseless case
where a man is discredited because his hair was just a little too short
Senseless, yet still we come
running to the beckoning of an old brass bell. we trap ourselves in a mesh
of utter boredom, but it's never our fault
qwerty where all robots working towards a masterplan 000522
nanny the whirl of thoughts in my head at any given moment 010910
Dis A casual kiss goodbye,
there were so many things more important
(did I really just say that!?)
that I had no time
for a last look into your eyes.

And I miss you more than I ever have.
And it's senseless.
birdmad tragedy 010911
don The destrution of human life, forests, rivers, lakes, and wildlife. The poisoning of the very air we breathe! The terrible working conditions, poor quality of life, and endless strugle of people in third world countries, that feed the corporate profit machine. The greed of a small percentage of the worlds population, living the lie of happiness through material things and ignoring the suffering of others as long as there own little world seems safe. All very senseless and in need of change. 030513
Soma violence 160707
unhinged alton sterling

the seattle police did the same thing to che taylor in my neighborhood about seven months ago. they claimed he had a gun and that he was reaching for it and shot him five times at point blank range.

anyone that says these police officers are just doing their job are fucking clueless
flowerock. Intentional_division
Who is pulling the strings?

no_civil_war (senseless)
Unify (please)
unhinged dallas

unhinged (and it's not just the poor in the third world that live in horrible conditions; cities up and down the west coast of the united states of america are displacing poor people at an astounding rate thanks to the 'free' housing market that is being inflated by tech workers with too much money while the products they make further degrade kind compassionate society.

yes, i'm a tech-hating luddite. yes, i'm a socialist. not to mention any market where someone pays almost $500,000 for a condemned house is a broken market.

but the city i live in is too greedy and spineless to say to these tech companies 'hey assholes, slow the fuck down. we don't have the housing to deal with all your new employees.' because you know, free market. jeff bezos needs more billions. if the poor people can't afford to live here anymore oh the fuck well. cause, free market. corporatist oligarchy isn't just a third world problem)
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