zenfishsticks as a kid, my favorite store was menards. they used to have giant boxes of pretzels for everyone to eat. honestly! and i collected the little kitchen counter samples like other kids collected baseball cards. i thought the guy in the commercials was the same guy as santa claus.

ah, that sweet song still runs through my brain: "you'll save big money, you'll save big money, when you shop menards."
ClairE I like the saltless kind. Everyone thinks I'm insane. 020108
zenfishsticks there's a saltless kind?!?

doesn't that deny the very nature of a pretzel?
mendez the amazing spanish jew New from al-Qaeda Foods, Inc.!

New Bin-Laden Twists, salty, crunchy, lethal to the infidel.

(was it really a pretzel or one of those missing enron files?)
reitoei Rold Gold-'the best damn pretzels' according to my friend. who came up with the shape for a pretzel? its intertwined like some bizzare mathematic shape, like an infinity symbol, or a kilien bottle, or a bow tie 020114
Arwyn Curious George choked on a pretzel! What idiot does that? Too bad... 020114
bethany i keep a snyder's of hanover onion and mustard pretzel package in my photo album. i only have one as i'm not one for sentimental paper scraps. but i lived for finding fifty cents during the course of the day to buy that one delicious bag. and a carton of chocolate milk. yummmmyyy. 020224
Mateo these pretzels are making me thirsty!!! 020224
squigglybee im eating some right now because i got hungry. pretzels and chocolate are good to eat. 020706
p2 * begin dream sequence *
i'm driving down the road
i look around
and realize
all the other drivers are pretzels
or at least they are in the driver's seat
i realize it's a dream
so i speed up to search for hot chicks
this is me
how can there not be hot chicks
in my dream?
i take a hill too fast
my car flies up
and slams back to the ground
waking me up
* end dream sequence *
first thought:
shoulda driven slower
second thought:
i'm a-hankerin fer a pretzel
Casey I'm not a big pretzel fan. I think it's because my family always tried to get me to eat them when I was a kid. Now I resent them...the pretzels I mean. 021028
p2 as i heard it told...

"Around 610 AD a young monk was preparing unleavened bread for Lent, the Christian period of fasting and penitence before Easter. Christians of the day prayed with their arms folded across their chests, each hand on the opposite shoulder. It occurred to him that he could twist the leftover dough from the bread into this shape (of folded arms) and use it as a treat, a reminder for the children to recite their prayers. He named his creation pretiola, Latin for little reward."

dang sneaky christians, and their dang sneaky propaganda
Lila Pause If they can't choke a man what are they good for? 040627
dries&hardens of the peanut butter stuffed variety.
those are her favorite
especially when she gets her hand hastily stuck in the little bag.
what's it to you?
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