nore a match that had just been blown out. hot, harsh, burning the inside of my nostrils. sharp.

static over the telephone. constant. fizzzzz . . . crackly. fuzzy-sounding. humming.

rain at night, outside my window. irregularly rhythmical. percussion. splatter.

drops of water on ivy leaves. glistening. clear, but reflecting bright, yellow-white sunlight. round, full.

reflection of a tree in a puddle. black and dazzlinly white. contrast between very dark branches and the sunlight streaming through behind. rippled water. shiny.

pasta on my lips. hot, burning. sharp, dry, sudden pain after a slight delay of no feeling.

fog. billowing, shifting, blowing. white-grey, smoky. translucent, murky. thick.

frogs croaking. chirping. incredibly loud. many distinct "voices." frantic. crackly, guttural. strangely musical.

flame of a lighter. whooshing back and forth in her hand. the top following the bottom. blurry. orange, yellow, blue. not solid. bright in the darkness.

hitting my elbow on a dresser. dull, throbbing pain. pulsating pain. ache.

painted stone. smooth. raised lumps where spots are painted. flat on two sides. comfortable in my palm

chocolate milkshake. very sweet. sweetness culminates so that after a few minutes, it seems sweeter than it was in the beginning.

my pillow, after spike's been on it. like chocolate, sugar, herbal smoke. like skin and dust and rain. not exactly like all of these things, but partially like each of them, all mixed together. and like fabric softener (like a pillow). (hardest, of all of these, to describe.)

incesne. smoke. reminiscent of wei-rauch, holy smoke of the austrian catholic churches. herbal. distant. grey.

kurt cobain's voice. scratchily confident. rough. rugged. passionate.

someone's perfume in the car or at the garage sale. clean, warm, soapy. floral? like omi. maternal.

dee dee's laugh. sincere, spontaneous, unrestrainable. innocent, childlike. whole-hearted. contagious. fun.

the oil-painting, on cardboard, at wolves. sepia, brown, tan, white. comfortable colors, relaxing colors. no harsh contrast between light and dark -- gradual blend. creamy, smooth.

the feel of my brush making contact with the canvas, spreading paint over it. smooth, no hindrances. allowing for fluid movements over grainy surface.

sunlight hitting the light-grey canvas, through my window. warm. tiney pinpricks of brighter white on lightest grey. darker grey (in shadow). long lines, long shadows. shadows with blurry borders.

the bass of incubus' song, "pardon me." pounding, dull thudding. generally predictable rising and falling. backing up the voice wonderfully. deep in my ear. giving "body" to the song.

cigarette, unilt -- tobacco. sweet. multi-layered. herbal. like dried fruit, like raisins. like dried leaves, like fall.

cigarette. smooth. soft. fragile. slightly wrinkled, in the center -- lumpy. easily bent. squeezable. powdery.
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