noone insert thoughts below... 001004
Raina not what I thought it'd be cracked up to be.

I still want it, but right now, there are other things that dominate my thoughts. Career, education, finances.

Not to be self centered or greedy, but I want to be worth something to the one that I become monogamous with. Yes love is fine but who wants a girlfriend or wife with no ambition?

My future husband sure doesn't. Who ever the hell he is...
brad heat Monogamy.I thought it was a type of wood. 010107
brad heat Monogamy. I thought that was a type of wood. 010107
misstree heh.

personally, monogamy is not my gig... if i choose not to show physical affection to any person but one, it's by choice, not obligation... and then, it's a much stronger bond than is usually present when monogmany comes up... i have many loves, a few less lovers, and will not be chained lightly.

note: don't try this at home. this theory, applied to relationships in general ("i'd rather be with you because i want to, not because i'm obligated") is a nasty, spiky road that not many others like. as evinced by... well, nevermind, i've already plastered that story all over these pages.
Annie111 Who the fuck thought of monogamy?

Damn them to hell. I want a harem.
werewolf monogamy

his brow is calm and resilient
like a cross
and she is the martyr resignedly transfixed upon it.
it is a spectacle that hangs
in the well worn stations
of their touches and glances.
The young must see it,
must run that useful archetype
between their fingers in a tight
spiral and not stray
or they will lose its power,
its power to raze
the complexities of grimaces
and hands that hammer
and bleed
into a soft distant wooden expression of bliss,
into promises so sweet
that they often are a burden.
king kong NINJA why anyone can see a mare, but does it take imagination to see a unicorn? 030422
shorlove OSTRICHE, D A N Z I G, SUNFLOWER... 030422
. . 040304
RoaulDuke I have never been with any other person than the person I was dating at that time. I won't ever cheat on anyone. I'm a very caring person, and would'nt want them to cheat on me. 060719
Raina what a difference 13 years makes. lol

now, I couldn't care less in my present situation.
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