the DISEASED please god pleasegodplease
i don't want to have mono

i think i've never felt this infected
never for so long

i can't take a month of this
painful swallowing and silent talking
no pleasenomono
typhoid i've got the disease in name, but arn't there symptoms to go along with it? hmm. doesn't seem like i have them.
oh well.
i shouldn't push myself as hard as i used to... 7 hours is a lot of sleep, don't you think?
i just won't kiss anyone for a while ;)
splinken the great mono scare of the spring semester:

i really ought to have contracted it. but i didn't. good friends and my roommate and sex-partners of both did. but not me. drank from the same cups and everything.

i am a modern medical miracle.

tyhpoid's got a lot more restraint than i do, i know that for sure. i'm always up for a make-out party, even if i have to put someone else's health in danger.
The Schleiffen Man i lived in the mono monastery with molly.. and i too walked away unscathed after drinking after diney and yaya... i am the very model of a modern major nordic man! 000830
splinken it's come for me.

i feel like ebeneezer scrooge all of a sudden.
god pet sounds in momo is the apex 010223
god mommo? is that like doubly? 010223
god momo, mommo, wax cylinders, i better get more wine. 010223
zamboni had it for the longest. lost 20lbs and an inch of sanity from trying to catch up with all the school i missed. learning old stuff and new stuff at the same time is just painfull to the brain. my brother is just now getting over mono, but other than that i don't know anything about him seeing as how he ran away from home just now. officer erik said he'd help find him though. good old officer erik. i'm so tired, i'm half delerious 010421
paste! thank Moses for stereo. 010430
.sunshine. had it once it went away in 2 days because i prayed. that's what my daddy says. 010505
tori made me fat! whassat?! 031115
silentbob monkey 040617
endless desire i have all the damn symptoms and the strep test came out negative so im having blood drawn tomorrow. adam doesn't even care, though. i mean, it's too late now. if i have it, he has it. and im freaking out about how im going to catch up with all the school ive missed from being sick all the time, but at least we get to be together then. today we slept in 'til two. it was wonderful. i actually left my apartment. i had felt too sick too since monday.

...such a strange sensation... being surrounded by gates for so long.
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