The Mother of all Religion...
kx21 A String of Beliefs, Faiths, values, etc. to fine-tune the heartbeat of U's LIFE, particularly your LIFE... 010225
kx21 m1) Are the vibrations and frequencies of this string absolutely independent of the Brightest Star(s) / the Darkest Shit(s) such as GOD, SATAN, Heaven, HELL, etc.? 010225
kx21 m2) According to scientists, every Person on earth share 99.99 per cent of the same genetic code with all other people. Is this an incentive to support the search for m_religion, a Common Framework for all Religion? 010225
kx21 m3) What are the basic building blocks or Characters across the existing religions?

A Good Story, Story Teller, Listener, Believer, Non-believer...

m4) Must the Listener be a Believer of Story?

m5) Can the Story Teller be a non-believer of the Story? How do you find out this?
kx21 m6) What are the possible factors to decide the fate of this Story? 010226
kx21 m6)n1-
Compatibility:- The Story must be compatible with proven theories from Sciences, etc...
kx21 m7) And the human genome sequence shows that people from difference racial groups can be more similar genetically than individuals within the same group.

Will advances in Science, Genetics, etc.. lead to the Unification of Religions / Races?
tourist I awaken the Primal Cry resounding from my throat.
Howling out my lonelyness beneath the Ancient Oaks
To the twinkling Stars that burn so bright
In the cold and frosty Winters night
As they wheel above me sheding light
To quell my fear and longing
To all of this I do belong
And so I sing the mournful song
Of Anguished Separation
Of exile in this fleshy realm
Where cold and hunger gnaw at bone
Remembering another home
In times before the dreaming
Ow-ooo I cry beneath the sky
Ow-ooo i hear returned on high
A tear slips softly from my eye
The emptyness of knowing
That as I live I surely die
I can Feel the cold wind blowing
kx21 m8) Do Unto Others, DUO

The Universal Social Ethical practice for M_Religion and The Universal Formula, and probably The Only Formula in U for P_Being...

The Spark of Idea which is initiated from my soul mate, Mikey:-

"Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you."

Refer to Perfection for different versions & Varieties of DUO from various religions and other sources...
kx21 There are many commands to do so called the good things in the New Testament. The command to "love one another" occurs 16 times... 010318
kx21 m9) The Chicken's Nature

kx21 m10) Standard of Membership

What are the ways to prevent or stop someone who is knowingly or unknowingly from using the label of religion for any terrorist_acts?
Teenage Jesus A::A:: says no way.

Prevent? Stop? Maybe MKULTRA


Regardless, control is a proposition that at best is unappealing, no matter who string puller =
kx21 Suspend or terminate his membership?

Any Good_point?
kx21 m11) Basic Review & Screening processes:-

a) Reveiw of teaching context / content & preaching session

b) Feedback of preaching sessions
e.g. violation of code of conducts, etc.

c)Blacklist, etc.
:) m12) Heart_and_Mind of "Mother of all Religion":-

Ten_SHE and P_being...

doubles fogging_up m_religion 070314
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