aeon flux sweet, girl, I wish she didn't interfere.
it seems as if all Linday's are evil.
Matt Lindsay Cortese is the only girl that I will ever love, and I don't even mean it in a relationship way. I would marry this girl out of pure friendship. Never will i feel anything close to how I feel for this girl, and I long for the courage to tell her. But I know I'll just be rejected, seventeen years of friendship can't turn into love overnight, or ever probably...I think too much... 021011
minnesota_chris ahhh cortese. . . those italians will kick your ass in love. 021011
phil ew. 021011
megan my best friend for as long as i live. 021114
celestias shadow oh god, my poor brother.... 031001
the grey remains of a friendship scarred Sorry I'm not a good person to know right now.

But if you could step outside your insecurities for a minute and pretend I have feelings, it would mean the world.

You have changed. You allow your world to mold you too much.

You are a walking collage of all the people, places, and events that have intrigued you -- but with a shaky foundation.

Find yourself.

You forget. You won't tell me. We can't talk anymore. Mercurial. Distracted.

You have to understand that I used to be one hundred and now I'm five.

I really don't know if you care or not.

But a weekend full of forgetting this reality is looking a lot better than actively taking part in it.
...and one other thing You are not the boys who you like, you are not the colorful, dominant best friends you've had over the years. You are not your boyfriend, you are not teacher's pet. You are not someone funny you saw on t.v. once. You are not a carbon copy of every liberal college student in existence. You are not the music you listen to. You are not the books you read. You are not the politics you talk about. You are not a part of that group in high school that you so desperately wanted to be.


You are you, and you is beautiful.

When people look at you they see a reflection of themselves.

That needs to stop.

If you don't see it soon, I don't think you ever will, and then I don't think I'll be able to know you anymore.
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