Ian I am an Ian. How about you? 011107
ian i am an ian
i am called ian
my name is ian
i am ian
ian is me
ian is ian
ians are ians
not iain
we are ians
absolute ianism
ian ian ian 1. how many Ians are there
a) in Scotland;
b) in England;
c) in the USA;
d) in Ianland;
e) in Australia?

2. For each of these countries, what percentage of the total male population is called Ian?

3. Name 10 Ians.

4. What is Ianism?

5. Describe an Ian in no more than 5O words.

6. What is your name?
ian my name is ian...is your name ian? 030618
ian yes it is, ian. i am ian, i am. do you like the name ian?
i think it's very ianistic
marmaduke aka the lubricator My name is marmaduke, so you can all go and fuck yourselves. 030731
ian the original i think i might well do that. if only... 030801
ians clone I too would fuck myself,
that'd be cool.

It must be something about those called Ian.
i am an ian there's a uk comedy show "fist of fun" that had a regular IAN NEWS sketch poking fun at people called ian.
This became "I am called ian i am".

Ian is of course the first choice of generic comedy name. Any fool knows this.

Ian is perhaps the funniest name in existence. Say it 100 times and see

Why naot say it 1000 times. That would make it 10 times funnier.

iains are not real ians.

i am called ian and i think the "ian news" is hilarious.
IKC 56-80 I was an Ian

but four days from now, twenty-four years ago, i stopped.
i am an ian why? why would you want to stop being an ian. 040519
IKC 56-80 the artist whose name and lifespan i appropriated as my blather name died twenty-four years ago yesterday

Ian Kevin Curtis
lead vocalist of Joy_Division
1956-May 18, 1980

admittedly, my own name has never been Ian, though.
kookaburra ian's birthday is today.
happy birthday!!!
silly hes tall
sort of lanky

same outfit he wore
that same day before

He has a grin
streched across his face
Its sort of funny
because he's always looking half-baked

His eyes
and dark
but soft

theyre friendly eyes
and you can tell
that he's in a world of his own

his eyes
are beautiful

he is beautiful
Ian Gust I agree wholeheartedly. Ian's are truly a gift to this world 040813
a_guy_called_wayne type into google: "least favourite name" and you will discover that ian is the seventh most hated name in the UK (fair enough, my name is the most hated but i look forward to thew day that the name ian becomes an acceptable target of abuse and piss-taking.

personally , i take every opportunity to take the piss out of people called ian

people called ian should be sent to live in a separate town somewhere, and forced to wear t-shirts with 'ian' printed on, so that when they leave we know who these people are.

ps, iains are fine
monee i think ian is a fine name 041219
poet a cool d00d 050601
Briar~Rose i know a guy called ian. he is english and he is pretty fantastic 060705
In_Bloom Has 'Freeze your body to the ground eyes' 080823
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