jennifer The question has been asked,What is Femme?There are
varying shades of femme,but femme and high femme are
of this shade.....She is the woman with nails long enough
to injure any back.The woman with long curled hair that is
not afraid to use hair spray,gel and a curling iron.It's the
woman who puts on her makeup artfully and with
expertise,even if it is just to go to the grocery store.
Femme is the woman walking towards you in a crowded
room,hips swaying,heels clicking and eyes flashing like a
cat on the hunt.She is the sensual,slinky creature picking
out the silk slips and lined hose in Victoria Secret.Femme
is the woman who softly commands attention without
seeming to do so.She is the woman at the bar whose
eyes meet yours invitingly and then looks away coyly as
you buy her a drink.She is the woman in the miniskirt with
the long seductive legs and a misleading innocent
look.She is the lady on your arm in public,the slut in your
bedroom,and the siren in the stiletto heels.The woman
that still looks soft and feminine when she borrows your
flannel shirt to walk to the kitchen.She is the woman oft
mistaken by those not in the know as heterosexual,but
don't make that mistake.She is all lesbian with cat claw
armor for anyone who challenges her right to be exactly
who she is.She is the woman that makes you actually like
shopping because she is picking out her next seduction
outfit to wear...just for you.The one you send roses to,just
because.The one whose long hair begs to have your
fingers wrapped in.She is definitely the woman your momma
would have warned you about if only she had known.The one
that sometimes rolls her lover in the dark...but would never
tell in public.The one that knows what a teddy bear you are but
won't blow your cover.She is the woman who is Much too
much...and knows it and will never let you down.
That is Femme...and then some.

2/11/00 Vinetta
stupidpunkgirl viva! la femme!
long live women
the only thing in french class i wrote down
thea eurgh. femmes scare me, they're so scented. i could never be femme. i could maybe be butch but i wouldn't do it well, i think. 020821
blister in the sun violent and otherwise 020821
Peccavimus Heheh, Violent Femmes... great band. 041229
kc Femme means being a woman to the hilt, being a girl full-out, and using that like a weapon. Femme means conscious and empowered femininity. Femme means taking what they taught you and twisting it inside out so you can see the bleeding guts. Sometimes, femme means just living without worrying about gender -- until you meet a butch. Personally, I like tomboy femmes, the femmes who were always "one of the guys" but knew they were hot, and knew that all the guys wanted in their pants. 050327
. butch. 061104
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