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pete the world is wild around me. rampant. on flames. everything is burning. the walls are alive as the red demons jump back and forth lashing out at me. the heat is too much. the smoke is filling my lungs. i want to scream but i have no air. i want to cry but the stinging smoke has dried my eyes. run run run run. i can't. i'm stuck. i'm falling. and i'm gone.

the world is serene. a deep green cieling lays above me. a thousand leaves form my canopy, sheltering me from the extremes of rain and sunlight. i can see her eyes, her millions of eyes, up in the sky smiling down into this forest. my home. i am alone, or so i tell myself, though when am i ever truly alone while at home? i have no pets, though there are countless creatures around me. i have no tree to call own, though none would withold their branches. standing i wonder why tears are streaming down my cheeks. it feels as if i have just awoken from a horrible dream where i wanted to scream and to cry and to run, but couldn't. my sleep held no dreams. i walk through my woods, though really they are ours. i pass familiar land marks, the great tree of wisdom, the fruitless tree of life. niether male nor female nor anything in exception to anything else besides being human am i. human in this world made for life and existance, but not humanity alone. i know my abode lies between the valley and the mountain, there i can be safe, though ive never ever been endangered. the flora and fauna around me demand not to be called such extravagent names. they are plants and they are animals and together they are all alive and life. ouch. i tripped on a root of one of the trees, and i can feel blood streaming down my face. i'm losing a lot of blood fast. i can't think.. cant see.. cant...

I wrote an autobiography for my grade 6 class today. Twelve years ago I was born, and as a baby I was all covered in blood. I am afraid of fires, and smoke hurts my eyes. Trees are my companions, yet I can never really trust them. Always I feel older than I really am.
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