me? to square a circle.
an alchemistís philosophical metaphor turned into a charlatan's dream.

why pi is transcendental
troy A circle in 3-dimensions becomes a Sphere...the coolest of all things.
marjorie the periodic table of elements makes so much more sense when you turn it into a circular sort of tube... that way, everything is close by the noble gas that it is so wishing it were. we all would like just a bit more stability. or in the end.. we will just be semi-happy halogens.. 000129
moonshine swallowing tailed serpents 000529
Wayne Squares just wish they were circles. A decent pair of glasses, some retro jeans.

Pet rocks are square, tho' watch out 'cause they might become circular again.

If squares ruled, then unfortunately squares would be circles and every circle would valiantly hold onto its identity while feeling very square.

A capitalist circle quickly becomes a communist square. Just ask Mao.

The first vehicles had square wheels made out of rocks. But no one could get to the store so they used the wheels to clobber mammoths instead. That's the real reason the Neanderthals died out.

Circle (serk' - el). 1. (n) A circumferential notion widely regarded as radial, round, and non-hypotenusical. 2. (v) To approach a subject in a round about manner so that one does not come to a definite point.
Brad avant-garde jazz the anthony braxton way 000627
grendel ourobouros.

skiblu gods looove is like a ciiiircle
a circle biiig and roooound
and when yooou have a ciiiircle
no endiiing can be fooound
and soooo...

Why does the sound of children singing that always make me feel kind of sick?!
Lizymae no end, round. where is the beginning? how did it become? It was simple years ago, but now it seems so complex. Will I ever be able to stop analyzing this?

on and on and on and on and on .......
tourist the weight of the universe
is sufficient to bend time/space
back in on itself thereby
keeping all light and information
within the great circle of creation
we are inside a great Black Hole
Sensory the beginning of the end and the inclusion of all 021011
User24 go..go..go.. and back to where I cam from, now I'm afraid to hit go again, in case I end up repeating the same.. going round and around and around and around and around.... 030731
Cuntess Tankula i like the perfect kind... 030809
ofsuch a circle is round
and has no end
thats how long i'm gonna
be your friend
kudos round
no key to house
Q A circle is an infinite number of lines of zero length - in other words, points - that are equidistant from a point that is the circle's center.

A circle is two-dimensional. It has neither top nor bottom.

A circle divides the plane into two areas: the area inside the circle, which is the area between the circle and the circle's center; and the area outside the circle, which is the part of the plane not inside the circle.

The radius of a circle is the distance between its center and any point in the circle.

A circle of radius r from the circle's center at point C can be viewed as the limit after infinite steps of the process of substituting a regular polygon with n verticies equidistant by distance r from C with the regular polygon with n+1 vertices equidistant by r from C. As this process is repeated over and over again, and the number of sides of the polygons increases, the lengths of the sides, all of the same length, become shorter and shorter. At the limit, there are infinite sides of zero length - points - that constitute the circle.

So, quod erat demonstrandum.
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