p2 it just may come true 030107
wish~ "they learned that sometimes the most dangerous thing of all in matters of love was to be granted your heart's desire." -Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic 030108
little bug cos either way, youre gunna hate what happens 030109
margadant11 not if you see the glass as half full 030109
MDogMA kill me now 030109
p2 9 times out of 10
the glass is half empty

think about it
it's only half full
while you are pouring something in
and half empty
while you are emptying it's contents
most people take more time drinking than pouring
percentage wise
it is more likely than not
the glass is half empty

Aimee everything i've every really wished for, has never come true.... i'm not too scared of wishing... just cynical 030109
unhinged because what you really want changes everyday and when i got what i had wished so long ago, it no longer made me happy like it would have then. but i got what a wished for, so i can't blame fate. 030109
girlnamedlover wasnt this a goosebumps book? 030109
screwing for virginity the ancient greeks (and mabey the modern greeks too) used the sang "when the gods want to punish you, they answer your prairs." i'm not sure about yall, but i think it sounds better than "be careful what you wish for."

yes lover, i do believe it was a goosebeump book. the one about the girl who got the crystal ball, and her brother was a jerk who loved his worm collection, and something about this girl at school she hated.
peyton you
Syrope i know you're just being helpful

but to need so much help
and to watch you help causes i absolutely detest instead

hard kiss in c minor. may you get what you want
and want what you get.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl because if you get it
chances are you'll decide you don't want it any more
and you'll move on to bigger fish.

the chase is more fun than the kill
remember that humans are fickle and this is how we're all wired.

ungrateful fuckers.
Ouroboros a loving, caring, sensitive boyfriend who can communicate his needs and desires-

oh yes, he's all that
he's got needs apleanty
he can communicate until i'm bored to tears
and he loves me so much that i can't breathe
smurfus rex you'll get what you wished for,

but you may not like what you get.

It's important to be as specific as possible, but that'll only get you so far...
what's it to you?
who go