:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: I do not want you to lie to me,
so keep your exaggerated story.
I can see hidden behind those eyes
are the limits of your glory,
see all that you are telling me
is inflated, and quite boring.
It's obvious you crave respect,
to keep your fans adoring.

I'd rather see the truth my dear
about your needs and wants and fears.
Confide to keep your conscious clear.
I filter all the words I hear.

You seem to think you're gaining power
and stroking on your ego now
but soon, your ill-constructed tower
will fall and crumble to the ground.

Can't you see the benefits
of building walls without secrets?
How strong the bond is, no regrets
integrity commands respect.

While many men have said repeated
words like these are not conceited
to get back from life what you have needed:
treat others how you want to be treated
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unhinged no one

it's the hypocrisy of humanity
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:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: I wrote it just now. 010807
dB You write good. Can I convert this to music and stuff? 010807
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: and stuff?

As long as you don't charge anything for it. Not that you would, but...

I will give it to you for you can give it to the world for free.

Thank you! I am glad you like it.
Grace -i do i saw was written by this person- didn't see much, i'm tired..i agreed with what i saw..anyway..


-in the spirit of this string
(or what u call it..)
can i get kindness in reply to my requests & questions regarding how to write this forum..etc?

I mean it its REALLY starting to HURT..

-and i was just thinking about that song.(while).cleaning in the kitchen..

John Lennon..
Instant Karma

I'm a Christian, you see this. But it is a physical law.

I'll be waiting..'til someone helps me reach these I can share my concern.

Christ without the cross A world without secrets.

Everything exposed so that everyone can see or be told.

Some people might regard that as herecy, a perversion of the will of God. What do you think?

It is ashes that once formed human bone.

It is love that once created the universe and does so over and over again.

Perpetual cycle.

Endless eternal.

Does this make sense? No. neither does a world filled with secrets and lies.

If it does then you just saw a connection between seemingly unconnected phrases.
what's it to you?
who go