sab and ive had a blood nose every morning

watching my lifeblood
pour down my face
and drip away
into the bottom of the bath

my life mixing with the waste water.
and draining
ebb Sometimes one shining star in the sky will die so that a few other bright stars can shine even more brilliantly. 040830
cheerleaderslut hmm
on top of everything...
this could be fun...
unhinged school starts tomorrow

i don't think i have ever dreaded this event as much in my life as i do right now; enslaved by academics once again. there is no way i could go straight through my doctorate at this point in my life. no fucking way.
megan he kisses me on the forehead and says "how was your day kid?"
i love that
everything about him i have found is perfect thus far, he always knows what to say, he compliments me, he hangs out with my family, he's hilarious, he's a gentleman, he doesn't do any drugs and doesn't drink, and he holds me
i am on top of the world
chris you were right--- my day would come again. and by golly, it has. it sure has.
minnesota_chris I'm really happy for you. Please please please pretty please don't make a man the center of your world, they usually don't like that, and could result in a hurt Megan. 040903
megan im trying real hard this time chris :) 040903
unhinged i have already come to the conclusion that someone will die this year
by my hands and/or words
and it won't be me;
that it was the worst first day of school ever in the history of my life
school taking up a vast majority
of it so far

he wasn't there last night
while i'm nowhere near as depressed today as i was last friday because i somehow expected it to be like this, it is just like close to that one specific straw. and the pierced ryan making all these comments about me and the other ryan being 'hooked up'....pah, blah, grrrarrrr. so i thumb-wrestled with the pierced ryan all night. i'm such a hypocrite when it comes to singers in bands. can't live with em, and oh most definitely can't live without them.
uow i_fucked_up 040903
nom again 051112
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