Dafremen "Hey wake up sleepyhead!", I said, " It's 5:30."

"Huh? Wha? 5.30? That's too much."

"And if I give you the senior's discount, my dear?"

"Still too much, I'll pass."

"Ok! Ok, fine..I'll cut it in half."

"Well that makes 2:15! What are you doing waking me up that early? I'm going back to sleep."

"Not the PRICE, dear, the PRODUCT. I cut the PRODUCT in half. It's STILL 5:30, you silly go0ber."

"Ohhhh. Well in that case I'll take it! But please wrap it up..your breath stinks."
Dafremen "Hey girl, move over I'm almost falling off the bed."

"I was here first. You move over!" (Shove)(PLOP)

"HEY!! That's It! This bed ain't big enough for the both of us!"

"It ain't big enough for the neither of us either!"

"You callin me out woman?!"

"Yea...high noon, IF you've got the guts!"

"Ohhh I've got the guts alright, I'll be there."

"Good, now turn on the TV wouldja?"

"Sure baby girl. Good morning!"
Dafremen "Good Mooorning! Time to get up!"


"Hmm. Ok then, I'll tell you a story to help you get back to sleep. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who had a very ugly husband. He was so ugly, that one day he decided to go to a plastic surgeon. Did I say plastic surgeon? No, that's not right, it was a plastic sturgeon, with big shiny, orange eyes and diamond scales. Best of all, it was a magic sturgeon that could grant wishes. So the really ugly husband said to the sturgeon, 'I am so very ugly. Can't you make me more handsome?' The magic plastic sturgeon nodded its head, then waved its fins and (POOF), the really ugly man's face was transformed into that of a REALLY good looking sturgeon, but that made him a very, Very, VERY ugly man. So the very, Very, VERY ugly man went.."

"I'm getting up now."

"Great! Good morning baby girl!"
spoons "...next to nothing after dreaming of you and of me, I'm waking up all alone waking up so relieved..."

pete sometimes i dream that i'm not going to wake up alone, and then there's the bunny looking at me, as if to say "you slept long enough". i'm not alone after all. 050709
nom waking up today was better 061216
otterpup i am dreaming and i keep hearing you call my name

hey ott! OTT! HEY!

and i come blinking out of the dream
falling_alone i think inside i may be starting to wake up...

we went to cosi's before the Darjeeling Limited... and inside the bathroom stall were words written so small that i almost didn't notice them...

ever wonder if the blather_gods are sending you a sign.

i found old words of mine.
"blather more"
pete it's to rain again tomorrow, making waking that much harder, with the sun not like to be out at all 071028
pete the weather man was wrong :) 071029
hsg waking_up

from disappoint meant: from disconnection.

awareness_connection ... kinder_like you have know choi silly :)

im dreaming between connecting_clowns_and_alarm_clocks. i'll get back to you on that.
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