meir a clip of love to hang on your wall as a souvenier of my broken heart. 981025
my first date horror story "Open your fortune cookie."
"Nah, they always tell me to 'Have a Nice Day'"
"Come on."
"What did it say?"
"Maybe by the 21st century you can live on Venus."
-True Story
Colleen a planet:

beautiful on the outside, deadly on the inside.
old hick Delta of Venus. A soft-core porn from Zalman King, the genius who gave me all of my masturbation fodder in junior high. Dammit, if I had spent half as much time doing something productive as I did watching Red Shoe Diaries I'd probably be trilingual right now. 000127
BoofPixie my ruling planet, so say the astrologers. i like mars better. 000309
birdmad was married to vulcan,
but preferred to fuck mars

so it was in myth and ever shall be
amy couches were his game... 000412
Shugarhi Goddess of Love who despises me... 010521
Arwyn The goddess who inspires me daily, who keeps me going... 020302
lycanthrope sometimes looks straight ahead as she talks, as if you aren't there. And sometimes it is best, as you couldn't look directly into her eyes yet anyways. Because she would see every kiss you would ever give her, she would see all of your putting off and forgetting, all of your images fading. She'll give you time to build yourself up, and when you want her, her eyes are always there, waiting, mirroring only your uncertainty, or your confidence, your grim sexuality, waiting for you to give up so that she can say, i think there's something you haven't tried. 020303
fall of a sparrow Venus is slick but Eros is the real boss behind things...
Eros Protogonos (firstborn), in some myths, was the first entity to walk out upon Chaos and smooth it over. Without Love, we would have nothing.
Eros Eleutherios. Love will set you free.
splinken I've always liked Artemis better. 030513
joda She's got it...

Yeah baby, she's got it.

emmi mine is in sagittarius in my seventh house. 040219
patience last year i watched her play with the moon in the sky for quite a few weeks.

it was beautiful.

i kept my appointment with them and the bats every night.

i have fond memories like that.
jane - i've decided - i'm moving to venus 050315
andru235 jane's got the right idea

i'm moving to Uranus

and please, children: despite the name it is a pretty cool planet

can you imagine an axial tilt of 98 degrees? in the middle of winter there is a mini-summer, and in the middle of summer, a mini-winter
what's it to you?
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