silentbob i know a girl
she's a lot like you
sh'e a lot like everybody
no matter what she does
no matter how hard she tries
to be unique original and different
there's always someone else
whose either imitating her or has done it first
i know a girl
who hates all the other girls
because all the other girls
wanna be like her
and she just wants to be different
i know a girl
and i wish i could make her see
all she has to do to be so cool
is just be herself and forget about everyone
she has her confidence figured out
they're trying hers on for size
trying to discover themselves
trying to find their own confidence
and having their role models trash them is no way for selfconfidence to thrive.
they have to figure out for themselves who they are, not who they want to be
it only hurts to have others say so
unhinged i was down in wooster watching my brother play lacrosse in the indoor winter league and i had my oakpark preschool t-shirt and purple wool cardigan on and tim said to my dad.." it's nice to see that your kids have so much confidence to dress that way." fuck you tim. sorry i don't look like your son. that's the thing about medina that pisses me off. only abercrombie goes with the quaint square. the cops might stop you on the square if you don't match the cuteness of the gazebo. unless your last name happens to be surso or scheel or some other school board memeber. 010107
MollyGoLightly everything in the st. vincent de paul was made for you.

we tried on the same pair of pants. they looked better on you. i said:

"i wish i was a boy. pants look better on boys."
trixie Hey New York Hipster People!

Are YOU tired of high prices?!?
Are YOU sick of "trendy" thrift stores?

Do YOU (yes, you!) want to get back to the way thrift stores used to be when people still shopped at the Gap?!?!



Is apparently a cheap thrift store!
-Check it out.
trixie BOSTON people!

Have you been to the GARMET DISTRICT
where you can buy your clothes for...

A dollar a pound.

That's right. By. The. Pound.

I had a minor orgasm in this place recently.

Go there. Please.
meg I am THE thrift store fashion statement. Sighs. 040324
meg I am THE thrift store fashion statement. Sighs. 040324
what's it to you?
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