Quintessensual Does a sweater need a sweater or an antisudorific in the winter? 010105
daxle a sweater needs anti-perspirant 010105
silentbob if you want to destroy my sweater, hold this string as i walk away 010105
daxle watch me unravel
I'll soon be naked
lying on the floor
(lying on the flooorr)
I've come undone
sweetheart of the song tra bong oh me
me be
i am
ellen cherry charles the end of humanity will come
when the world ceases to know how to knit sweaters.
zenfishsticks i am almost, but not entirely, convinced that my sweater is on backwards, that is to say, with blue and red flowers where red and blue flowers should be.

but, as i said, i am not entirely convinced.

so i sit here apathetically, and realize that the flowers are purple after all.
girl_jane You looked as if youd be a quite nice sweater to wear
You looked as if youd be soft on the inside
So I put you on
To see what you were like

You were quite nice
You were very warm and soft on the outside
But I found Id have to wear something underneath
Your insides made me uncomfortable and itchy like wool

I bought you anyway
And took you home
Reminding myself not to take off my undershirt
Until youd been washed
And worn soft

Silly me
I soon forgot and
I went uncomfortable and itchy
Until I could get home
And take you off
mary he told me that i was being cold,
so i smiled and asked to wear his
sweater which he had on that day.
willingly he gave it to me
so i kissed him.
were both warm now.
eklektic i got a bunch of sweaters from my dad that he didnt want anymore. my friends all like em a lot. and when i wear them with my school uniform, He likes them. 020502
Kate There are thousands, perhaps millions, of sweaters in the world, in every hue and texture and size. But I always like yours the best. Maybe one night I'll sneak silently into your house and forever borrow one of your many sweaters, perhaps a black one, and then I'll have a remnant of you and your scent and a glimpse of you, emerged in sleep. 020504
Kate You are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma... clothed in a black sweater and a messenger bag with Branston buttons. 020504
Naomi Your smile cuts through the night
the sun has risen
settling the water
the moon is a kite
I've lost it again
and it's getting hotter
common threads weave together
into a sweater we wear
when it gets cold
it's sunny, whether
or not we feel the glare
or see the rays of gold
unhinged ice has formed on the storm windows
on the inside of the regular window
that i use to ventilate the smoke from my apartment
even with
i am huddled
by my favorite comforter
what's it to you?
who go