silentbob stupid punk girls are cool. especially the ones that blather on here. 001227
stupidpunkgirl why thank you bobby. you're a nice boy. 001227
silentbob i always blather about music, my lonliness, and lonely music
meghan always blathers about john
rhin always blathers about horniness and sex, and rock music
and emily...emily always writes about josh ... and how i'm a nice boy
j_blue always writes about being a nicer boyfriend
kx21 always asks deep question designed to make a person think

what this has to do with stupidpunkgirl? nothing. just an observation.

another observation.
sometimes its fun to write about things that have nothing to do with the word you're blathering under

and chanaka came to my school as a special guest speaker
exciting? yes.
COLDandBLUEkitty she's not stupid.
she's punk.
she's a brutal gurl.

she doens't like it when people hurt her.
expecialy josh.
at a party she told a drunk boy "i want to break every bone in his fucking body"

she's my friend.
she sits with me at dennys almost every night and can tolerate me.

she likes to beat people up too.
i like her.
and she's gonna give me TEN BUCKS!!
silentbob i will give you ten dollars, emily, to beat me up.
believe me, it will be like on fightclub or is it fight_club?
i'll feel born again. its like dropping ten bucks into the collection plate at someones church.
stupidpunkgirl no bobby, i'm not going to hurt you.
you don't deserve that.
and meghan is giving me 10 dollars
she's just confused
unhinged the blather pages get around the dennys circuit i see.

sometimes i feel like i know exactly how stupidpunkgirl feels but i should never assume.
silentbob when they visited last week i told them, "We should go to ohio and hang with the people who go to dennys there." because i was thinking you have that in common, there must be other things too.
relatively safe to assume
unhinged that would be cool...come to ohio. me and mollycule and lovers lament make the most gracious of hosts. would you like a scone with that tea? 010108
stupidpunkgirl that would be great
denny's in ohio sounds fun
unhinged yay yay yay yay

stupidpunkgirl and silentbob are coming to visit. mollycule, lovers lament, did you guys here that? they are coming to visit us...WAKE UP ALREADY.
stupidpunkgirl COLDandBLUEkitty too, she's the one that got me into denny's and it wouldn't be the same without her 010110
and a dingo stole my baby!
what's it to you?
who go