Tank sao is worried that i may turn into this. i told him how elated i would be to be alone with my cats, my books, and my computer forever... he says he'll never let me become this... should i thank him or frown..? 010112
argo Frown. Frown by the tankful. Probably wear purple, too. 010112
oh pee um don't frown and don't thank--
that's too predictable.
spin your own reality, baby.
Arwyn I used to believe this would be me, that is, until I met you. From the first moment I laid eyes upon you I knew I loved you, but oddly I loved you before i met you too. I created you in my mind's eye with the lush paint that can only come from the depths of my heart. But with you gone now, I feel like a spinster. Alone. I wish I could by an act of god find a way to return you to my side, but now only time will take care of that. 020109
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