unhinged mike
i'm so resigned disappointed
but when i read that poem
it meant more to me than it ever has
because i had finally felt the depth of emotion in its words
because of how i felt about you
yeah, past tense
because it's a certainty that it won't ever be what i want it to be
'you're not at all what i thought you'd be'
but i still love you anyways
it's like looking back on childhood when you are 80
you regret that every moment since then couldn't be that sweet
bitter like the white of an orange
mikey your loopy 010310
monadh I am
to being what I am
or at least in theory
trying to accept
the things I cannot change etc.
unhinged hey hey hey
red blather business is red blather business
you don't see me dragging your red blather business over here now do you?

mikey im sowwy =o( 010311
misstree die down, cruel spark;
your wretched life has no place here.
the wasteland's cold comfort
will scour you from me; best that
you abandon yourself at its edge,
that i may someday return.

die down, and leave me free of fetters,
free of needless feeling. i carry nothing
beyond necessity, and you can do nothing for me here.
quietly, surely, slip away, and i will carry
a scrap of memory, no more,
though even the weight of that concession
may bear me down to the rocky soil.
jezabel yes, i have released you;
i have cast hope into the_river
to be carried away with fond farewells
and turned away, resigned to
the gentle uncertainties ahead.

this will be the last poem i ever write in your name.

this is the final goodbye, an end to
fruitless longing, stinging need,
an end to bared throat and pleading snarls.

i have released you.
please, don't
put yourself back within my reach.
BlastoiseMaster I think too much on things I want too much
It makes me hateful and I say stupid things
Only you can fill my blank heart
And I'm resigned to that

I wish the sun could just keep me warm
And I'm resigned to that
I'll forget to breathe someday
I never stopped to think why

~Blur, "Resigned"
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