silentbob its like the red scare of our generation. everyone accusing each other. it also has a lot to do with elitism. you aren't someone i consider cool, so i consider you a poser.

calling someone a poser is kind of childish and...it's pathetic.
Photofused I stand in front of the mirror in the gym and lift freeweights. I think its silly not to; the mirror is right in front of you, and its not everyday you get to see yourself looking like you're gonna die just from lifting.

Plus the mirror is dead ahead.

Goodman keeps hurting himself because he tries to look away while lifting. And you can't, really. If you can, its not heavy enough and you're wasting your time.

Irena won't even lift freeweights.

Its judt for posers like me, apparently.

How can I be a poser if I look so shite?
yummy In my dream last night, exlovebestfriendeverythingtome (AKA Nick) called me a poser and made me read out to him over the phone every CD I had. So of course I emphasized my most obscure punk bands.

But whenever someone glances at me and calls me a poser...
kinda wanna rip their face off.
phil I don't see how such a minute difference between people should bother you so much
if you don't want to be called poser you're going to have to hurt people
they're posers for even saying the word
And anyone who is an extreme poser
a different poser every day of the week
is unique
Being mad at posers
kerry it's a waste to be mad at people who are really just doing the same thing you are
following the crowd because what else is there to follow? where else are you going to get your ideas?
little fury bug
i believe it's "poseur", ya posers...
i mock you with my monkey pants.

footnote: both are actually correct, although "poseur" originated in 1872, while "poser" in 1888...as to why they dropped the "u" i dunno...i theorize that there were poseurs in denial that couldn't stand seeing that "u" because it was pointing a finger back at them mockingly, thus they banished it forever...there is a "u" in poseur, kids. there is a you in poser.

pose + u + r = poseur. that's what you are.
Captain Poseur I prefer poseur 020703
phil they probably took it out becuase french people suck 020703
The Mirror Q: What's the difference between a Punk and a Poser?

A: What's the difference between an orange?
Bobo Everyone is a poser. Anyone who uses the word "poser" is a poser. There is nothing original, originality is long dead. Get used to it. 040523
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