misstree when i was at the magic shop,
we had an origami weekend...
a faboo gent taught us all how to make cranes,
and anyone who wandered in was taught
and it was such happy sharing vibes,
and at the end of the day,
he taught us how to do a magic unfolding rose cube,
which the creator requests never be published,
but instead passed from person to person.

we had nearly a thousand when they left for colorado, enough that they could finish the task of the wish in the car, collected from many people but quite very many made by our own hands.

when i found myself in the hospital because i saw too much sense in killing myself, i busied my hands and quieted my thoughts by making more cranes. a person i got to be quite fond of was having a horrible_terrible_day, so i left a string of the colorful birdies on his door, a bit of color and a way to tell him that i was thinking of him and wishing him smiles and all the best... it did indeed make him smile, and i treasured that ability... another very kewl person i met asked me for one, so i made her a little family... a doctor asked me for one, so i made her a family as well, red to match her cardinals... then i started hiding them around the ward... people would come up to me, their eyes shining so bright when they had been so broken and sad earlier in the day, telling me with such glee, "i found one! i found a crane on the windowsill/tv/planter/payphone/washer/random location!" and i so very much cherished my ability to make them smile.

magic_in_the_strangest_places can be created by anyone.
Doar yes. yes. yes.

(totally agrees)
jane used to make them out of beer labels that i had peeled off, & sometimes the bartender would give me one on him 050711
Lemon_Soda The only origami I know. I've givin' them out, made them from napkins, placemats, reciepts, silver gum wrappers, any old piece of paper.

Funny how something thats generally considered refuse at best can turn into somebody's smile with a little application of knowledge and skill.

Whens the last time you took a piece of garbage, waved your hands over it, produced something beautiful, and then gave it away, just to brighten a day?

I saw used soda cans get turned into bi planes with real moving propellers and everything...those things were so neat...

I hope that the things I say and the way I act are really my attempts to fold and crease the world around me from the junk it sometimes appears to be into something beautiful...and I hope even more than that that I have someone I can give it to when I'm done, just to see them smile.
anne-girl smiles
(it's the only origami i know too)
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