moonshine Whats it like to open up the paper
To glimps the page
To see the name
Of your friend,the murderer
Who killed his own boss
in cold blood
Boiled in his car
pushed off a cliff
Arraigned next friday
Never to see his son
The victim never too see
His newly wedded bride
Oh what a day, what a time
To hear your friend has commited such a
horrid crime...
splinken my friend the murderer killed in cold blood with a sawed off shotgun.

he still won't say why.
Quiggz My friend the murderer is my left-foot sock. He wanders off at night, stalking the streets and killing many an unsuspecting victim. Why must this depraved violence go on? I must stop my sock from killing again! HELP ME! 010102
unhinged put it in the washer

Quiggz unhinged: QUICK!! WARM OR COLD CYCLE?! 010111
the spork permanent press dude! 010111
unhinged i would definitely do the cold man...chill the evil right out of that murderous sock. it'll go limp in a second. 010111
ass facely darn that sock! 010112
yummychuckle My brother had a friend that killed his family (brother and parents). He got along well with his family, everyone was well liked (the parents were teachers, the brother was semi-popular)...nothing seemed wrong. and my brother (justin) can't figure out why he did it. just one night, he must've been bored, and saw a knife...
then my brother's other friend invited her friend over. And this 'other' friend was like "yo, I just kileld my parents." and justin was like, "you're kidding, right?"
and he wasn't... and justins friend and her friend the murderer were put away...justins friend was an accessory.
there was this other guy--can't remember his name, but he had a book written about him and a tv movie...anyway he killed his abusive adopted parents when he was like 13 or 14 or somewhere like that and got put in an adult prison. and family friends adopted the guy once he got out of jail (when he was an adult) so he could have a different last name.
and the guy became my moms friend and we almost adopted his puppy (he was moving)...he was a nice guy.
oh and then my uncle was chased by gacy when he was 13 while he was visiting his older sister in a different city.
and, yeah, my socks are the more peaceloving type, so they don't murder.
sabbie my friend's big sister is in jail with one of brisbane's lesbian vampire killers from the late 80's. this woman along with a couple of other girls killed at least one taxi driver that i can rememeber and drained the body of blood so that they could drink it.

how much street cred do i get, being 2 times removed from her?
rage my best friend is the only one i know that isn't a muruderer.
the rest eat meat
what's it to you?
who go