typhoid maybe it's a slight comfort,
to know that the same moon
you are looking at
is shining down on her.
king kai my grandpa is a bootlegger 000103
liquidshwartzpart2 help me my penis is wrinkled inside out and backwards

i am in need of mental assistance
youwho i am the purple dragon. rub my belly and watch my teeth turn green. 000509
amorfus A man was laying in bed, and saw the moonlight of the full moon streaming through the window onto his floor. He thought to himself, "I won't go in the moonlight and bark like a dog, because it'll make me go crazy."

But he could not resist it. He thought to himself, "I'll crouch down in the moonlight and bark like a dog, but it won't make me go crazy because I'm doing it willingly."

He did it, and he went crazy.
anonymous his words are as succulent as honey-tainted moonshine.
i want to feel his rays upon my skin.
moonshine moonshine 000529
DreamStars luminescent glowing
pools of reflection
bathe my self in moonshine
and shimmer like the night
the evil doug warning; human in sector five! 000608
moonshine Ohhh is there nerves in your nose? is it going to fall off now?? ohhhhhhhhhhhh dear. I m a holy pin cushion 000624
klarchen I always thought that moonshine was a "moonshinster" not a "moonshinestess".

No trouble though.

I guess I was just mistaken.

Nevertheless, moonshine is a sparking light that has a most radiant beam.

Funny how things work out.
moonshine blush 000715
stan I saw the moon, bright and fair
Suddenly, she wasn't there
I thought that if she might return
Some other words she might not spurn
klarchen It's times like this when "for_sure" didn't seem that bad after all, eh moonshine? 000805
Barrett I'm being followed by a moonshine
Shigolch Whiskey, you're The Devil!
You're leading me astray.
O'er hills and mountains
into Amer-i-kay.
You're sweeter, finer, decenter,
more spunkier than tea!
Oh, whiskey, you're me darlin'
drunk or sober.
Moonshine, washing line
They suit him fine
DreamStars The moon cried
purest intoxication
and I, drinking deeply,
fell to the ground

the 'drop of the creatur'
releases the soul
possessed by her
Gollum How I miss the fair Lady Moonshine, where hast thou gone? 010820
moonshine Meow 011004
DanetteTN915 I got drunk off my daddy's bathtub whiskey. 011016
Effingham Fish sunglare 020112
phil by the light of the full moon 020114
hey now! can i have some? 020114
som3on3 Beauty ....beautiful 130310
what's it to you?
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