Shar A frat boy alone is really not so bad, as long as he is not frat-tastic.

Frat boys, on the other hand, are vapid, spineless, drunks.

Spare your identical reasons for why frats rock, please. They're all the same dribble to me.
j_blue i was in one a few years back

they taught me alot about groupthink, democracy, micropolitics, the psychology of the red_blooded_american_male, and myself

it was a very rewarding experience, except now i tend to alienate myself a tad bit more easily
lou my boyfriend is currently in a "fraternity" he likes me to call it. Like the word "frat" (simply a shortening of fraternity) is an insult.

The guys i have met are very nice, but my boyfriend has gone down hill.

fraternities are good for some, aweful for others. Can't we all try to be a little more independent? What happened to the "individual"?
lou why must we continually carry social classes, when most of the people who are leaders, didn't even work to get there in the first place. greek row is the "free-ride" central. 010511
sykoze frats suck.
if youre going to trash your mind, do it with pot or acid and get something useful out of it - not just stds and a bad hangover
sykoze ps - the school i go to has little to no greek scene. better that way 010902
P.I. 408 Fraternity life creates, molds, and shapes men till they are better when they first joined. Those who talk badly about fraternities have never had the brotherhood which we experience on a daily basis. It is not for the outside world to understand, we stand alone and the elite, both socially and ethically. Yes, there are bad brothers in each organization but you cannot judge a goup based on the actions of a few members. If that was the case I can say that anyone who was in the band in high school was a dork, although I know that to be untrue. Drinking, Drugging, Womanizing, Fighting, are all parts of fraternity life whether it happens to you directly or not. True brothers are brothers till the end, never give up, never surrender. There are cases of brothers enlisting together in times of war and fighting side by side till the death. I stand by the oath that I took the day I became a Brother and pray that members of each fraternity stand by theirs. Brotherhood Above All, Except Honor. 020327
BrotherDB Long Live Lambda_Chi_Alpha! 020327
pantaloon i don't know about all this exclusively elite shit, but a fraternity is like any other group such as boy scouts or a hobby club. seems most people are ignorent about greek societies. don't bash them unless you know all about them.

do honors fraternity members womanize and have bad hangovers ever day? i think not.
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