IB ztupid_question :

who are you?
[[what makes you who you are?]]
sixteen every fucked up situation that bothered to exist...thats what made me. and paste! bothered to that helped.


endless desire flowers_from_safeway_is_my_new_favourite
hurray for ztupid questions
and the lovely green vancouver.
tell us more about yourself safeway.
Flowers from Safeway who am i

I am a b-grade bouquet.
I am the love I have for you.
I am everyone I have ever been.
I am you.
I am humble modesty.

I am light and dark.
I am sunny days.
I am stormy nights.
I am entertaining children.
I am north_and_south

I am grandiose delusions.
I AM ME (thanks eyedream)
I am everyone I will become.
I am the love you have for me.
I am flowers_from_safeway.

I love you all!!!!!!!!
Flowers from Safeway A ztupid_question deserves a ztupid answer. :) 030617
Flowers from Safeway I googled "flowers from safeway" for fun, and was amused by the results. Some people think buying flowers from Safeway is very sweet. Some people think it does not cut the romantic mustard, so to speak. One advice columnist sites 'flowers from safeway' as the minimum requirement for a man to show he cares. And my ztupid_question blathe was right up at the top. :)

Try google, it's fun!
sixteen um i have NO memory of posting that thing at the top, I was probably very drunk or something, so...just pretend it was never there, k? 030627
endless desire has a very nice voice.
made a very interesting audio blathe.

i enjoyed it quite a lot. and it kept playing at least 5 times. i didn't know it would repeat like that.

i wish i had something intelligent to say about it. . .but i don't. i just like it. is that too simple?

i know what safeway's puppets look like.
i know what safeway's voice sounds like.
but i don't know what safeway looks like.
i know he's 6 feet tall.

is curious
eh maybe i should ask_safeway. i didn't think of that. 030923
User24 the audio_blather was a work of genius, much respectification to you. 030923
User24 respectification is a word. 030923
Death of a Rose I will become a respectification of myself 031014
nomme hello 040324
Strideo Someone was just talking about the RightAid pharmacy in their town just across from the Safeway and "Flowers from Safeway" was the first thing that popped into my head.
endless desire we don't have safeway around here.
I see them when we go up north.
I think of flowers from safeway.
I think about how he was so depressed he drank spoiled milk, thick with curdles. Sometimes people say they're depressed and I think to myself, "just wait until you drink curdled milk" as though that's the new definition of sadness.
once last year my grandfather died
and I thought I'd make everyone happier
and make a gigantic meal that night.
and I went to safeway for the ingredients.
I looked at the flowers and thought they'd be so appropriate.
but the groceries were already expensive.
my life is so dictated by money in this way.
it would have been poetic and I should have done it if only for my 15 year old self.
what's it to you?
who go