Rummy i agree compleatly with these guys.
they state the truth very well and artisticaly.
anti-social butterfly "anti-flag does not mean anti-american. anti-flag means anti-war. anti-flag means the common people of the world are better off living in unity and peace. anti-flag means to stand against corporate greed that hurts millions while benefitting a handful of extremely rich. anti-flag means to fight against mindless nationalism. anti-flag means unity."

right on. i was so happy when i first heard this band, because i finally had found someone who agreed with many of my views. see, i grew up in a snobby elitist private christian school mainly white and republican and if having several of your schoolmates parents be in Forbes qualifies, then they were all upper class too. i never fit in because i am not republican i am not preppy i am certainly not rich, and i was never willing to conform to the cookie-cutter person they wanted me to be. i was basically told that i was wrong or stupid or evil for not being a republican, not by the actual school of course, because as much as i hate to say it, it was an excellent school as far as academics. however, it was unacceptable to be a democrat. not to mention the fact that i was told i was a communist for wanting to vote for nader. anyway, i rejoiced when i first heard this band, because for the first time, there is someone out there who i agree with.
lo i need to try...anyone who is going to anti flag shows in dc or md and are passing through nj i need a ride!will ship in and pull my weight. also if your going to the irving show plaza show wanna meet up? email me. 030524
............................. yo, you guys are totally right, antiflag does share alot of peoples views. I can honestly say, that my family is pretty well off, and we make alot of money because we are upper class and have lower taxes (because of bush) and we should be republicans... right? but we aren't! any bitch ass cunt who thinks that money is more important than the safety of our country, then they can go fuck themselves. 050817
a fan of real music everyone thinks they sold out. just because you switched to a major label doesn't mean you sold out, as long as you're still writing and playing the same stuff. that's what i think. i love anti-flag. there are some things i don't agree with, though, like only writing about the war in iraq right now...justin sane actually said that in an interview. that's important, but not the only important thing...and why is it that no punk band talks about same sex marriage or global warming/climate change in lyrics? those are some very important things too. but nobody can be perfect, and i still love these guys. 070329
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