Dafremen So the missus and I are walking along and I sez to her I sez:

"Hey baby, you seem to understand plants like noone I've ever met before, it's absolutely phenomenal.I've always been able to understand people, objects and fictional characters, but I've never understood plants. What do plants want?"

She sez to me..she sez:

"Plants are like babies. They want food and warmth. Most of all they want to be noticed."

"Noticed? As in looked at?" I sez to her.

She sez right back, "Yea something like that. They want you to be around them and see them, but not to touch them, they don't like that. It makes them nervous."

Wow I thunk at the time, that's insane.

Then I starts looking at all of the plants and for the first time I GETS 'em. Most of the 'lil squirts didn't have long to live before winter, and all they wants is to be noticed. Wow. I spends the rest of the walk with the missus squintin' REAL hard soze as to notice all of the little plants. I figgerd HEY...if I can make a little plant's life worthwhile and it's no skin off my tookus, what the hey!

So I sez to the missus:

"You know what baby? You are absolutely the most beautiful creature on the planet and I love you." then I gives her a big hug and goes back to squintin'...cuz that's what plants want.

Should be a warm winter.
daxle sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and a few other minerals, in that order 010824
dB Now I'm not too sure if you are being metaforicol 'ere daff', but I kinda gets it.
Plants do like to be touched though, but only if it's to help 'em out. I was doing a landscaping gig a while back, first time I ever did any gard'nin, had no clue as to what I was doin. But, after doin' the garden, bein careful not to handle plants too much so as not to piss 'em off, I came back a year later, and by gum, they fuckin' grew, and they love it where I put em. An' they like how I made a pond that fed ungerground lines that worked like an irrigation system, so you don't have to wave a hose about.
But I digress, you can handle them plants. But only when you hafta.
black-dyed gel product plants want human organs 010826
baby satan plants want human orgasms. 010827
audrey II must be...BLOOD...

must be...FRESH...
)-( plants want human orgasms?


that would give creamed corn a whole new and even more repulsive meaning
daxle unlimited genetic possibility 011011
crax_dax what a plant wants...
what a plant needs...
whatever makes it happy will set you free
mean green mutha from outer space feed me Seymour!
phil plants want pink flamingos 020213
Dafremen Sunlight, water, earth, air.

Ambitious, emotional, practical ideas.
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