jennifer she is
and I have come to understand it
but it still won't make me
want her any less
lost the same way i felt about this girl. she was completely above my level. then i gave up hope and went out with this other girl. only to find out the nest day that she felt the same way about me. i couldnt break up with this other person though. i always promised myself a couple things.1. i would never cheat on anyone. 2. i would never break up with someone just to be with someone else. i'm 16 now and have with standed with those principles. 010501
ladybird shit but what if it was *meant*?! 010516
Fallen There is no more in me than in you.
There are no words we can say to make this all real.
There are no secrets we could keep to make this all a dream.
I will fall asleep one night alone and see your face, perfect in its own reflection.
I will go quietly and peacefully without struggle or embrace.
I will not fear the unknown, I will not fear my own heart, my own mind and soul.
For somewhere far beyond a space and time there will lie a reality for us.
There we will melt as one and become as one. There I wont be scared, there I wont be able to hide.
All I can see is his face, like a star.
In death and life and for whatever else really exists, exists the impossible, exists to become attainable.
erinicolejax Are you unattainable or unwilling to love me because you are scared? 020718
no reason it seems like everyone is in some way 090307
poe but if you eat someone for your breakfast it's the closest thing to attaining them. 090307
no reason sometimes the said unattainable ones seem like they could actually be attainable
i guess maybe that's dangerous
no reason sometimes it all seems like a bad joke 090412
unhinged i laugh at bad jokes 090413
what's it to you?
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