brains for dinner
brains for lunch
brains for breakfast
brains for brunch
brains at every single meal
why can't we have some guts!?

Brains are all we ever get
in this rotten fucking place!
Brains are all we ever get,
why can't we have a
change of pace!?

Brains for dinner
Brains for lunch
Brains for breakfast
Brains for brunch
Brains at every single meal,
Why can't we have some guts?
Why can't we have some guts?
Why can't we have
birdmad (c) 1978?,1980 Only, Frankenstein, Danzig 000915
Barrett "Hack the heads off little girls and put 'em on my wall?"
"I ain't no God damn son of a bitch."
"You better think about it baby."
splinken L. and i were fifteen, and we thought it was cool to get really high and go to Bell's Amusement Park in Tulsa. i always wound up disoriented and sick.

we pulled into the parking lot, hopped out of her car---i remember it in a cartoon-y way, like cheech and chong, or that scene from fast times at ridgemont high where the smoke pours out of the surfers' van.

this rad butch girl with short black hair was sitting in her car with the windows down, listening to the misfits. i was walking backward, staring at this girl, til L. grabbed my arm and turned me around.

L. and i used to turn to each other and say, "i ain't no goddam son of a bitch." we were too young and un-punk to know the line was from a misfits song (hell, we didn't even know who the misfits WERE). it was just another way to remember another stupid quasi-adventure.
startfires we are 138
in the eyes of the tiger

do you think we're robot clean
does this face look almost mean
it's time to be android not a man

the pleasantries are gone
we're stripped of all we were
in the eyes of tiger

we are 138
startfires brain invasion goin on in everyone
you feel the things to make a world
turn angry red
because the next time
you can't take it
next thought
and hate is all you wanna know

murder one inborn into your every cell
it's in your blood
and you can't shake it
because you were bred to take it
next stop anihilation
they bred the hate
right in your fuckin bones

hate is your mistress, you shall not want
you shall not want
because your breed is strong
because when they try to break you
new world desolation
and strength is all you gotta know
misfit bird (goddamn sonofabitch?) 20_eyes 011004
mourningstars angels fall to earth...

waiting on the samhain of my soul
birdfiend I turned into a Martian
what's it to you?
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